Why do you inebriate yourself?

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  1. Just curious. Not planned moderate consumption, I'm talking about around every other day to every day; whether you're an addict or not.

    If you asked me, all I could tell you is that I just don't give shit.


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  2. I like to get high because I like to experience new things, and usually it feels pretty damn good.
  3. To get a new perspective on life.
  4. I used to get high for the fuck of it, but now I get drunk to relieve the pain
  5. Lol, 5 votes in every choice.
  6. I do the things that I do because life is an experience, a one time experience and I enjoy life.
  7. I don't drink all that often(anymore:p), but I did fish up this little gem that I read a few years ago.

    Modern Drunkard Magazine
  8. I drink to relief stress and/or to get a head change.

    I'm on day 6 of my T break so I'll have some Tequila instead

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    Great fuckin article, I enjoyed it. There's nothing wrong with drinking alone, I do it often. I don't really get fucked up though, just a heavy buzz

    Also highly recommend the article about Andre the Giant...crazy shit

  10. I'm drinking alone right now :p

    I like to share shit, although I usually only share shit that I think is fucking awesome.
  11. Good article. I think for me it's this more than anything:

    "You can act any damn fool way you wish. The bottle will not condemn you for laughing out of turn or pounding the table like a bad character actor. It will quietly salute you. You can get as maudlin, dramatic and sentimental as you wish, without anyone telling you to snap out of it, cheer up, or cool out."

    It's just too much fun to act a damn fool by yourself...I've had many a good time after kicking back a few cold ones and just chilling the fuck out ;)
  12. It's fun. That is about it.
  13. It just feels so good

    love the herb
  14. +1 rep for Anonimo

    I don't read magazine articles too much, but that was an amazing piece of insightful journalism, props.

    And by inebriate I assume you're talking about alcohol. I drink to get fucked up most of the time. Never to the point where I need medical assistance, or to whee I need help performing basic bodily functions like urinating or vomiting. But lets face it people. We've all been there ATLEAST ONCE.

    When I get fucked up like that it's always in a kickback setting with close friends and good acquaintances. In a party environment, I used it to lube up socially. (; Usually a cup or two of trashcan punch and some jello shots will suffice. Then my inner mac comes out and i start serenading the ladies.
  15. i inebriate myself because i'm bored with everyday life and like the change of reality. feels nice.

    this is the first time i'm admitting this, but i'm probably addicted to mind altering substances. i am happy though, and hold a stable life. i feel if it ever gets in the way then i can stop, but for now, i am unaffected, so... i chill :smoke:
  16. ^ i have found that it will, in time, collapse in......
  17. I inebriate myself for many different reasons.

    At times it's a crutch. When life gives me the inevitable shove, I shield myself with weed or alcohol until I'm man enough to find a solution and confront the problem head on. I don't like to hide from my problems, but at times, it's all I can think to do at the moment.
    Example: Girlfriend breaks up with you and you don't want to come to terms with it yet, drink.

    Other times it's because of the feeling. Sometimes it's fun to just have an altered conscience, one that is not weighed down by the daily monotony. One that is not limited by social stigmas and cannot get on your case for doing something you might not have done while sober. It makes for an experience that you can't always have sober.
    Example: Go to a party, hit on someone you would have otherwise been to scared to sober.

    Other times it's to get a perspective on things. As with my above paragraph, when I'm inebriated I can be entirely honest with myself without fear of some subconscious protection. I can find truths I might find pleasing or even horrendous about my sober self. Things I need to work on or dial down.
    Example: While high/drunk realize you're a jerk when you're sober and why. Begin working on combating the problem.

    In the end, I probably inebriate myself to make excuses. Excuses for things I very well could have done sober, but it was easier when I had a lack of inhibition. So it probably turns out to be more of a crutch for me. Even if it is extremely pleasing and enjoyable, there seem to always be ulterior motives...
  18. Because it feels so good to not give a fuck.
  19. drinking is TERRIBLE. but i love to get high bc it feels great,tastes great, and is fun.
  20. I'm torn...I love the song Sweet Leaf is awesome but your opinion is ridiculous

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