Why Do You Grow Marijuana?

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  1. I don't know if there already a topic on this but,

    Why do you grow?

    For me, I grow because I like the feeling of having a plant. I also like to know how it was grown, and I like that I know where it comes from. You never know what's on that street weed you buy.

    I also don't like spending money and getting ripped the fuck off by some shitty dealer.
  2. Who says I do?
  3. Because it saves me money. And it's fun.
  4. How many different replies do you expect to get? People grow so they dont have to buy it and it's fun. That about sums it up.
  5. I don't. That would be illegal.  ;)
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    Did you ever stop to think that it is also so you can get exactly the bud you want. For example, sativas are generally hard to come by because indicas grow and put out much faster. Some of my friends grow 80% sativa plants because that's what they like and they don't have to go through all the bullshit searching around every other day to get what they want. Some grow for money, some grow for fun, some grow for convenience, some grow for purity that is hard to come by, etc. There are plenty of reasons. Then again I am a noob, let the bashing begin.
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    not quite...

    for me it's so
    I don't have to associate with bellends,
    I get quality bud,
    I know what has gone in it,
    I have a readily supply all the time,
    it saves me money,
    I can choose and try different strains,
    I get a great sense of achievement growing it
  8. Because, fuck.
  9. Because I try to make my tomorrows better than my yesterdays.
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    This about sums it up for me. 
  12. i grow so i can provide my fiance with the medicine she needs as well as for a hobby because these plants are awesome, hell i would grow them even if i didnt smoke just because they are so pretty and smell soo good.
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  14. i'm studying genetic in botany 
  15. All of those that are bolded go back to my point. If you buy it off the street you have to deal with those which you wouldn't if you grow. Not trying argue just something I noticed when I read your post.
  16. i grow marijuans so i can extract the thc and inject it into my face
  17. Why do you automatically assume someone is going to bash you? You have your opinion and I have mine. No bashing going on.
  18. Have you ever heard of the term "troll"? Lol
  19. I grow it so teh hot stoner chicks come my way and play :ey: !
  20. God put this here for me
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