Why do you believe in the religion you believe in?

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  1. For me, satanism is more or less a ideology, that includes everything i talked about in one of my other comments
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    try these:
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  3. I typically hate discussions about religion but I guess I participate...

    If I had to define it I'd say I'm agnostic.

    What I believe in are my morals. That is what nearly every religion tries to teach you, right from wrong. That's the end goal. A reference to karma of some form is found in almost every religion, and that's what I live by.
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  4. i get why you hate them, i don't fancy them either but every once in a while i like to throw a discussion out there. it's the best way to get a sense of how others view the world. i agree about the karma bit. also that cultural belief systems/ cultural mythologies more or less say the same thing through different stories. i don't understand how all people, black , white, indian, japanese, mexicans, blah blah, how all of us moved from Nature and freedom to these modern religions chains.
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  5. well many people seek strength to carry on living/coping with life after heavy loss, pain, situations that happen in life. the shit thing is is that that desire for help and strength is abused in religion.
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    1. The key foundation of Luciferianism is personal freedom from organized religion. Becoming your own god and rejecting the rules and regulations of organized religion. It isn't about following rules or being part of something and is completely about personal attainment and what you seem to be missing here is that it is more of an ideology than a religion. The belief in a higher power isn't required and is actually discouraged because all of the entities of Luciferianism are used for their metaphorical value only and we seek power through their esoteric meaning. Sacrifice isn't a part of it so idk where you got that from.

    2. I literally said that nature is god, perhaps read my post a little bit more carefully next time because I feel you totally missed everything I said.
  7. I understand your position entirely and am not by any means judging you in any way, just want to confirm you read my entire post and did see that i said I don't believe one way or the other because it did kind of sound to me you assumed I was an advocate of religion. Again not saying that you meant that, but that is what it sounded like and I just had to restate that again. Im one of those on the fence types that really has trouble coming to a conclusion about anything that isn't physical proof in my face. Sometimes I think people are lucky to be able to come to conclusions about something they can't touch and feel, which I suppose due to the subject here I will just use the term faith. Faith and blind faith are two different things. This stands for either direction you want to put your foot down. My essentially neutral stand point confines me only being able to consider both sides of every argument, which in itself I will say that is a blessing as much as being able to have a firm grounding of beliefs. Im again going to use this subject as reference with anything i say. When someone says they believe in god(any one of the thousands) I wonder how much racking of the brain they committed to the conclusion. I am assuming, and correct me if I am wrong, you believe all of it is a control mechanism for humans. I also would lean more in this direction, like almost 100% Ok well it is 100% fact that is used as a control over people, but that does not discount the FACT that it is POSSIBLE that it is actually real. Im open to considering that it is possible that any one religion is actually the truth, and that they may essentially all stem from one event that happened before our bullshit fake history would tell us, and at the same time think that the probability of that being true is slim. You have to question the similarities in religions to be somewhat eye catching and worth your time to ponder over, instead of having the same exact standpoint opposite of someone very religious would have when they tell you there is no way god does not exist. I would find it more likely that the bible would be true in terms of acknowledging the "son", than older religions that actually worshipped the "sun". At the same time those two words are pretty similar and I don't care who decided they understood ancient languages and wwritings or cave paintings for that matter, due to deciphering this code. Mathematical code is one thing because it is a constant that cannot be changed because 1+1 equals 2, and cannot mean anything else. Language is different. Aside from the very striking almost cloned in one way or another that religions share the trait, it is still up for debate and good luck with finding that answer. In my opinion, human beings as a whole are not capable of working as whole in an anarchist type community. Not only is this evident from our long history of murder and war and greed, we are just not on capable of providing a community that thrives as a whole. This may be due to the way our government structure is working, it may be due to propaganda that is fed to us. We have something inside that questions authority because internally we want to be self sufficient and not be told anything. At the same time, there are people that would not be able to survive without being told what to do. Before you even start thinking anything about that last sentence, this is caused by people reliance on others to help. This really becomes prevalent in America with food stamps and all other free programs that aren't free, just paid for and then taxed again by everyone. Yes I Live in America and yes I did have foodstamps at one time. To bring my whole point full circle, if we decided that we could only live with others that shared our like-minded thinking, we would be living in billions of small communities where you were held accountable by your neighbors which the accountability part should be a no brainer. Your dog shits in ur neighbors yard you are responsible and better go clean it up. Your dog keeps shitting there and your neighbor is gonna stop caring if your dog keeps getting let out because he wants to dig under the fence and get out of your yard while you are at work. You are still responsible but will validate it because it was an accident and not directly caused by your own actions, until you realize it is your own negligence and now your neighbor wants to poison you dog because he blames you for not handling it. Well ok don't own a dog then, but I'm saying it doesnt take much to alienate your neighbors due to lack of compassion regardless of how you want to live life. Now your dog is dead and yes I would go to extreme measure over something like that if it happened to my dog, and would disregard my own negligence for protecting my pet. So this is what I mean by being accountable for your actions in an anarchy state which will inevitably lead to more chaos because we have neither the mental or emotional capacity to have EMPATHY for someone when we feel validated to our own cause. This requires what I will sum down to a community meeting to discuss our issues with our neighbors in hopes of a peaceful resolvement, which is essentially what government is SUPPOSED to be. Its actually the exact same idea, just on a larger scale and we have to deal with the fact that our neighbors may not agree you with killing someone because they poisoned your dog because it kept shitting on their lawn. We just dont have a capacity to live as whole in harmony at this point. Do you go do whatever you want, only to hear your mom disagree with you and don't feel like she is right? same thing
  8. my bad. it wasnt a response to your post. i havent read yours yet but ill read it tonight and respond:thumbsup:
  9. Christian, because Jesus Christ actually did give his life for us.
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  10. Your DP matches perfectly.:D
  11. what do you mean DP matches? u mean my avatar?
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  12. Yeah, Your Avatar.
  13. in all honestly, i do not believe in anything. i was raised into being catholic but as i got older i educated myself and realized i am a believer in science. and im not really atheist because its not that i dont believe in god, its just- we dont know. we really dont fucking know what the truth is beyond this floating rock in the middle of nowhere.
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  14. Religion was created for one reason. Power. How do you control a massive group of people? Make them believe you have talked to "god" and he said if you don't listen to me he's going to smite you. Every religion began the same way. Someone decided hey I can become very powerful if I can brainwash these people into worshiping something.
    The difference between a cult and a religion is a cult is created by one guy and that guy knows it's bullshit, and in a religion that guy is dead. Cults and religions are very similar in the fact that people are blindly following without realizing the truth. A question to religious people: why do you believe your religion is any more valid than anyone else's? Do you have any proof? Do you think you would still be the same religion if you grew up in a different part of the world? If your parents didn't teach you (or possibly force you) your current religion would you actually believe what you believe?

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  15. It was around a good chunk of my childhood. Although it didnt get serious for my family up until I was almost in middle school. I went to catholic school for a year and a half so my understanding comes somewhat from that, however I feel I'm growing in my own way.
    Anyways, I picked up the whole atheism thing for 4-5 years. And I slowly became a dirtbag. Now I'm not saying this happens to everyone. But because I wanted to do whatever I wanted because I could is why it happened. When I was 18 I started hanging out with some shady people. They were basically trash. I put myself in many very stupid situations; there were so many times something bad shouldve happened to me. Ive ran away from home three times as a teenager, Ive almost been raped, Ive almost died on more than one occasion. I couldve went to jail for breaking and entering. But somehow nothing serious happened. I mean I was always pretty shaken up. Ive had suicidal thoughts for as long as i can remember. And yet somehow I am still here because there is always something there keeping me from doing it.

    Ive put myself in so many bad situations and havent been harmed. the only reason I can think of is God's mercy/grace.

    edit:Im not into the whole " but you're wrong!" thing, so if youre gonna try and get me to think otherwise, please dont. Im not picking at your beliefs, please dont pick at mine and comment unnecessary crap. So please refrain from replying with some shit like " God isnt real and you're brainwashed" I will, in turn, refrain from doing the same myself. thanks :)

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