Why do you believe in the religion you believe in?

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  1. Atheists included!. What made you to be an Atheist?
  2. christian, and because things went shittier when I wasn't, and what do I have to lose? :)
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  3. The fact, that it has not proven in any way?
    people live on their illusions, seeing life better than it is, which is pathetic, you may say, who gives a fuck if they are happy, well. Dumb people ar happier as well, if we want to compare, but i put the dumb people, and religious people in the same bucket.
    Sharp words, but just my opinion, i am not making any relationship with a people that is religious, i find these people really really poorly intelligent.
    There are many people that turn to religion when they get into shitty situation, like no money, coming to understanding that you have wasted half of your life by drinking, or any other reasons that u can see in public often.
    People really turn against me when i abuse those people, cause "Who cares if it helps", In this century, we have way too much degenerats, if you really want any vision of what are you doing in your life, then start looking at life realistic, living by illusions will only give you no personality, i find it same as being a slave in almost any medieval slave community.
    The fact that churches dont have to pay their taxes makes me mad.
    How can a boy or girl grow up with a sober head, if some parent fuck makes them pray for someone, imposing childs, come on people, stop doing this, never make your child a religious if he does not want to, my parents wanted me to be a christian, didnt gave me choice, made me read bible, go to church and the only thing that came out of "This" (me) was a guy that hates parent.
    Really sensitive topic for me, and propably for almost any other people, if anyone want to oppose me, make a contrast, feel free to do that, i dont mind a conversation about this.
    I really dont want to make any bad relationships over there, so lets talk about this topic only there, and keep our emotions about this only in this post :)

    A short story from my childhood - i remmember when i was at church, i was like 5 years old (One of my first memories) and i was getting bapisted ( thats how you spell it?), after the process the priest gave me this "God bread" and i choked with it , cause it is really really dry, started crying and making a really big alert, that may be a sign that i should not be religious :D

    English not my primary language, did my best.
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  4. I am more spiritual than I am religous. The bible is ok, but the church can piss off.
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  5. I'm agnostic,so I'm just gonna be here smokin and chilling with spongebob
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  6. Agnostic here...

    I believe in the possibility of a "God", I just see no reason to place any validity in one faith over the other. To me, the "Gods" of religion are no more relevant than the 1000's of "God" stories represented by the various mythologies that preceded them throughout human history.

    The idea of God is not original. To believe one idea of God to somehow be more "true" than the next is intellectually dishonest. No one is born believing in God. We are taught to believe in particular versions of God through indoctrination...
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  7. common sense, science, rational thought.
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  8. I was raised Southern Baptist for the first 18 years of my life, I rejected it the moment I turned 18. I had questions and I just don't felt like nobody was truely answering me, instead giving me a vague prepared answers. It left me unsatisfied so I continued searching.

    Before all this I listened to this bad ass AM radio show, Coast to Coast, and they were always talking about Spirits, Aliens, Conspiracies, etc. The one thing that intrigued me was Astral Projection.

    Well blah, blah, blah, I started getting more in touch with my spiritual side a around July 2013 after my life went to hell. I got serious about meditation, started having all sorts of wild experiences like becoming concious within my dreams, feeling this electric type energy coursing through me, having partial out of body experiences.

    It led me to reject all that new agey horse shit too like the law of attraction, positive thinking, love, light, peace... :rolleyes: In fact... I just rejected everything, Buddhism, etc. I just felt the same way, people offering vague answers to my questions, telling me to "let go", leading me to feel more confused.

    Lately, I'm looking on the inside for the answers, I don't feel the "truth" whatever that may be, or the answers to my questions is anywhere out there
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  9. Are your fellow Christians aware of your love for weed? how do they feel about it? shittier how?
  10. I
    I feel like you are me and i am freaking out at the fact that you may be someone i know trolling me or you are a government agent. You motherfucker you! i will respond when i can handle it. i agree with MOST of what u said but you cant bracket people as dumb for believing.....later.
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  11. you are also me. Although i started christianity at 12 and rejected it later in life, it was always around. a couple of nights ago, in a dream some shit was happening and realised " this is only a dream" as soon as i took a step forward after realizing this i woke up instantly. like someone had zapped or something, no tiredness no usual fogginess 100% fresh and awake.
  12. How about weak instead of dumb then?
    these people cant stand on their own and need to be a follower type
  13. I started exploring spiritual world like 3 years ago, got really into meditation, it really clears my mind and helps to understand what to do in my life, it really release my angryness to the world and stupid society, in my country people are really really dumb, they treat weed same as heroin or crocodil. Only thing that saves me is that i dont have to contact with people i dont like. One group of these people are religious people.

    Lucid dreams are much more easier when u get into meditation.
    I also like to get high, lay on my bed and turn on some psychedelic music with the loudest sound that is possible for my ears, relax and flow throught my life, my thoughts, explore the universe.
    Actually that propably also counts as some sort of meditation
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    I don't really subscribe to any religion but I do dabble with secular Luciferianism, however, I mostly feel a connection with the Nordic and Celtic paganism of my ancestors and I reject the christian tyranny that invaded their lands and raped their culture. I'll briefly explain what drew me to each ideology.

    For those who don't know about Luciferianism I wan't to stress that it is not Satanism and does not worship Satan or Lucifer as a primary deity but instead sees metaphorical value in multiple entities (ie Lilith, Belial, Belzebub, Asmodeus, etc) which is similar to the pantheon of Roman and Greek religions. There are theistic and secular branches of the ideology but they generally agree on most ideals such as the pursuit of inner enlightenment by following the left hand path and being able to balance the extremes of human nature. I am drawn to the idea of harnessing my own inner strength and power through the act of maintaining a clear mind free of mainstream dogmatic ideologies and being able to think and act according to my own will without being tied down by the false codes of morality that many religions like to push. Good and evil are not separate, they are one and the same and it all comes down to perspective.

    On to Paganism. Nature is the closest thing that I consider to be god and I will never recognize any invisible deities in the sky when I have something tangible in front of me. We as human beings are a part of the Earth, a part of nature, and the further we remove ourselves from that the more we devolve as a species. Yes, there are gods in Pagan religions such as Odin, Thor, Freyja, and so on but it is crucial to remember that what is important is that they represent different aspects of humanity and they aren't necessarily meant to be worshiped the way practitioners of abrahamic religions worship their Yahweh. Rituals performed to those Gods by the Northern European Pagans of pre-christian days were far more about the symbolic value of what the ritual represented. Celestial bodies, changing of the seasons, harvesting of the crops, sewing of the seeds, death, birth, all of these things would be celebrated or honored with rituals to various gods whose tales affirmed the importance of these things and reminded people of their ties to the Earth that supports life and ultimately their return to the Earth to nourish future life (similar to reincarnation).
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  15. There is way too people that dont know shit about satanism as well, first thing they think of when they think satan is some teenager metalhead cutting his arms and legs, and drawing blood pentagrams on walls, at least on the place where i live
    Satan is just the opposite view from god, its the enemy of the god.
    The story about how the Lucifer got kicked from the sky, is just about how he rejected to follow god - what always end up as punishment.
    Satan relys on braveness, indepenance, daring, anarchy and mental and physical freedom
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    I've pretty much given up on explaining Satanism to people haha. I mean there is LaVayan Satanism which is, in my opinion, a money scheme and has turned into a joke and the main reason I chose Luciferianism instead. They have similar ideologies though with the idea of taking responsibility for your own actions and being able to justify them as well.

    The idea of Lucifer, the Morning Star, being rejected from heaven is a great metaphor for existence outside of the Judeo-Christian spectrum. This world is mostly dominated by abrahamic religions and has essentially alienated anybody who exists outside of this ideological stranglehold which makes the story of Lucifer highly relevant. He was banished for trying to become god and this manifests in the Luciferian ideal of being your own god.

    As for the metalhead kids cutting themselves and drawing pentagrams that is just angst and they either grow out of it or dig deeper and realize that they are doing exactly what the christians want them to by making their opposition look like a bunch of idiots. I wasn't much different myself growing up and I am still a metalhead. In fact I spend a lot of time touring with my blackened thrash band and my favorite genre of music is black metal. I just don't really associate myself with the younger crowds who are still angst ridden kids yelling "hail satan" and wearing upside down cross necklaces with no clue that they are just wearing the christian symbol for St. Peter haha.
  17. Haha mate, i am not making metalheads as a bad persons, i love doom metal, listen to it, and fall into myself for hours within it, i mean, there is way too many kids that make other think that metalhead are just a bunch of stupid "Im different"
    I cant find any other music genre where i see more emotions put in the album or any sort of music.
    Im a rebel and i hate almost every system that is estabilished in this world, and there is a big difference between me and those kidos that treat metal as just being different and showing it to the world, making people cringe. But these people mostly tend to listen heavy metal (Im not saying all heavy metal fans are these people)

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  18. Don't worry I didn't think you were attacking metal, I was mostly backing up what you said and reaffirming it for others to read and know that most metalheads aren't that stereotypical pseudo-satanic kid haha. I've had to deal with people's ignorance to metal for most of my life. You should post in the metal thread on here, it is one of the few places on the internet where metal fans with different tastes actually get along pretty well haha. I'll post a link to it at the bottom of this post. After this though I'll stop talking about metal on here to keep from derailing this thread into a discussion about metal.

    You probably like doom metal for the same reasons that I really enjoy atmospheric and ambient black metal but the main difference being that with black metal I find order and beauty in the chaos whereas with doom metal the droning atmosphere has a similar effect. It puts me into a really good trance-like state where I can think clearly and concentrate on my thoughts. Electric Wizard rules btw.

    The GC metal thread: Heavy Metal - Metalheads unite \m/

    Excellent example of the thick atmosphere of black metal.
  19. Although I cringe maybe a bit as using the term spiritual, I am on the forum I am on and I think we can all agree that sometimes its late and I just got done reading about nutrient def to feel like going on a google a thesaurus quest or try to elaborate my use of the word, I think everyone should understand that one, unless ur too stoned to read. If that is the case then I commend you for psychically understand me and not giving up yet. I have to say though, this was a pretty heavy topic to be popping up on the top of the list and seriously even considered going there with you guys so somebody must be petty riped. But what the hey why not. To get all factual(semi- without resources or citations to back any of my words up or give any hoping glance of credit to) I personally have wrestled with this just OP and the rest of us have, and it leads me to where I sit now. I think all religions completely contradict eachother from an outside perspective. Sure there are many convenient similarities between some and more or less between others. Essentially though we are left with this. My god is right and yours is wrong. Again Im not even going to go back and edit spelling or punctuate because this is the last my focus I have for the day. So since my god is right, and everyone elses is wrong I am certainly glad I know exactly where I, and some select few others will be headed but not so lucky for the rest of anyone because you happened to be born in to a different part of the world with a different religion that may or may not have been around longer than mine, it does'nt matter so you are still wrong. I don't claim to know much more about other religions than the faith I was raised on as a Lutheran Christian, so I really couldn't properly connect it all together, nor would I wan't to. So going off the only knowledge I chose to speak from, I think the diversity is a joke. I do not believe specifically that Jesus is exactly the what the bible says, nor can I say that he even existed at all and I don't want to hear anyone tell me i'm wrong on that aspect because you don't know either, you just choose to have faith which is perfectly as acceptable and your own understanding of your journey is this place as it is for anyone else to do the same thing in any way that suits them.I am by far not an atheist and maybe should have just said that right at first. That being said. I did have a similar convo with my best friend today. He stated if the bible is true and everything else under the sun and so on, that lucifer rules the Earth. Ok, not denying that it is completely in the realm of possible. He continues and states the typical woes we all share about all of our lives but with much more understanding and experience than some. I mean that he is on his own journey and wasn't brought up really like that and hes trying to figure it out like us as well. Me being the best friend that always challenges people had to do exactly that. And mind you this wasn't just to condescend him, I wanted to hear his philosophy towards my question. If lucifer is in fact the ruler of the Earth Currently as most Christians believe and the messiah is yet to come which some Christians think already happened and other religions thought it happened before Jesus anyhow, would it not make sense for him to deceive us further with the belief in (at this point now Im generalizing religions together and no i'm not going to be politically correct) A god and I suppose Jesus as being a representative in god even though most Christians pray to Jesus like he is a God even though the bible does say never to do such a thing but it is justified by stating that Jesus is acceptable to pray to because some denominations decide the bible should be altered further to suit theyre own beliefs regardless from the original alteration they read to understand that alteration and lose enough words in translation that can completely change the meaning or understanding of anything at all if anything god really did intend to say or mean or put in ur dang face will tell you that Jesus was part of the holy trinity meaning Jesus GOD and the holy ghost are the same entity and somehow divided. Sorry I don't know the exact facts but I do know that is sometimes considered a radical thought. I swear I am building my point here in just a sec bear with me. This counts for everyone whatever your faith because essentially there is always the battle for good and evil and we apparently are here to be persecuted by evil and show our strength and fight against it for the better of our souls and everlasting peace as a generalization again. So with the way my mind operates and my life has influenced my thoughts I would say pretty honestly to myself that choosing to come to any conclusion on this subject would completely betray my rationality due to the fact that if i did take all of this as acceptance, I would come right back to the conclusion that lucifer is here to deceive us and then the rest of none of it makes sense. GO DWELL ON THAT STONERS.lol. I know I rambled but I hope someone read it and appreciated my honest non-biased conjecture on the subject.
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  20. Fuck that! No Religion is the only freedom. Nature/ the universe and everything in it is "God" if you will. anything that has an organised following,, rules and regulations and sacrifices etc i call bullshit....fk it all.

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