Why do we get high?(safety)

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  1. we get high because we need a fresh breath of air sometimes, connection.

    everything is sacred, remember that gluttony is a sin though....with anything

    EAT( You don't need 2000 calories necessarily, yet eating every 4 hours is good, esp when using.

    watch your vitamin intake, and no not like one a day centrum(good when eating a lot)
    Amino acids, and the stuff you get from good earth grown fruits and veggies. Umm minerals like gold and silver...

    Digestive enzymes, probiotics can be like having a second immune system.

    super foods are good to, they have drinks and powders that are real whole foods, but are just alot more nutrient dense, not filled with fake and air.

    alot of food is like eating nothing, is claims to have calories but some stuff the body just doesn't use(like)

    I have prevented the frying of my brain, I have ingested insane amounts of every chemical and am not retarded like alot of people i have seen.

    frying your brain replicated Alzheimer's and that can be reversed and prevented.

    Dha(omegas) can get from food or plan source
    l tryptophan(sp?) (one of the most essential parts in serotonin
    l tyrosiene( key roles in nor epinephrine and dopamine)
    5htp carries above to brain.
    and i also take true calm( a mix of taurine arganine, valerian and GABA)
    when i am not eating sea food for my source of protein i eat extra fruits and veggies, i also do cycles of creatine when not eating meat.

    drinking kombucha (or other live culture probiotic foods) dailey can really improve quality of life..

    a shower or at least spounge every day is very very very good for you, clean close and teeth also can improve mood.

    exercise more than an hour a day is what really gets results.
    Hot springs and saunas(steams) are very good at cleansing, doing this weekly can reverse damage done by years of tobacco use in months.

    anything u can add go for it... we are coming more aware that you are not just hurting yourself when you are unhealthy
  2. I need to be healthier myself.... thanks for the tips.

    Although I don't understand your format. :eek:
  3. Good post except that part made the rest of it sound preachy.

    I say smoke outside and take two deep breaths of air for every deep breath of smoke.
  4. couldnt agree with you more buzzwell, exactly how my diet is and you compoetly feel it in all apsects of yourself. i was actually going to make a thread sometime this week of natrual cures from a-z, you would probly enjoy it.
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    Speaking of minerals...Supplimental zinc (not too much, 50 mg is fine) for wound healing.
    I like the Expecta DHA. Great even if you're not pregnant. Or even female.
    If you drink, Stresstabs are good. They have the extra B vites you need to keep your brain intact.

  6. its my job to "preach"

    "tell them all my child"
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xK3VihNo_yQ]YouTube - Puscifer - Sour Grapes[/ame]
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