Why Do Vape Pens Hold So Little?

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by into_the_void, Apr 28, 2014.

  1. Maybe I'm answering my own question (because the pen I bought was a Atmos Raw Jr.). Used it a couple times and not sure if it's vaping. Seems like it might be burning (which makes sense because the dry herb is in contact with the metal heating element). Reviews I've read say that this does not vape but does burn. (This is my first pen.)

  2. That pen most definitely combusts dry herbs. They are meant for concentrates...

    And it's a full blown rip off if you paid anywhere close to retail. You could build one for stupid cheap

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  3. all these vape pens re ecigs with the atomizer emptied out. all it is is a little coil nd a battery. 
  4. I figured dry herb chambers are designed to be like one hitter's. Put a lil bud in there and hit it once.
  5. Who in their right mind would spend $100 on an electronic one hitter....

    When you can buy a dugout, that looks like a cig, for $5...

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  6. You may be right about the jr model, maybe its a smaller model.
    And when it comes to vaping, the less material being vaped, usually the more thorough the extraction. So maybe smaller chamber equals more effeciency.
  7. Vape  pens hold so little because if they are actually true vaporizers then a very small amount of herb is required for a bunch of hits because the herb is not combusting. That's why ppl can get dozens of hits off of .2 grams in a true vaporizer..

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