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why do they compress weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Ranarr, May 23, 2010.

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  1. why do the people compress the weed
  2. dirt weed is compressed to to allow easy illegal shipping into the U.S. and other countries.

    Another type of compressing is with pollen to create hash.
  3. i was thinking that anything that gets smaller gets lighter. in terms of weight. basic gravity, bro.

  4. :confused:
  5. Bwahhhaa what? Things don't get lighter when you compress them. Their mass stays the same, they just take up less space. Pay attention in science class man.

    That's why they compress cheaper weed, to make it easier to ship.
  6. So that's what Newton discovered with the whole falling apple thing?

    Keep on smokin'. It seems to be working well for you. :smoke:
  7. ^^ Oh my. Lol. i have my first sig!
  8. dibs :)

    EDIT: :( beat me to it ^
  9. bro havent you watched futurama? that one eyed pet shits dark matter and its like the size of a marble and weighs like 2 tons! but no really. seriously? thats how you thought things worked here on planet earth huh?
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    Lets be nice now. :hello:
  11. it makes it easier to transport, sure, but not only bc its smaller, but also bc its lighter. you can carry more, drive further on less fuel, etc. physics.

  12. welp, can't argue with that logic. ;)
  13. What the fuck are you smoking? I hope you've been joking with this 'lighter' crap, but really, a lot of kids will read it and actually believe it.
  14. Okay man...I'm going to give you a quick logical thinking and physics lesson. Lets say you have 100 grams of pot that is Uncompressed. You take that same batch of 100 grams of pot and you compress it. You still have 100 grams of pot. The only difference is that it takes up less space. It still weighs the same amount...100=100. You cannot create or destroy matter (aside from the whole God Particle theory with the particle collider and whatnot.) xD
  15. He's obviously trolling dude. Not even a child would believe that as things are compressed they get lighter. Ignore him man :D
  16. shit, why not?
  17. Because it destroys trichomes and degrades quality when it's compressed.
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    Just a guess...

    you're < 18

    ... or at least your math and science level is.
  19. The 'if it's smaller it's lighter' line of argument is just stupid and completely wrong...Sorry I haven't read the thread and I haven't got much of an answer to the original question but I just felt the need to say that if something is smaller, it doesn't mean that it weighs any less, I mean, by compressing something you don't lose any of the mass of weight of the object, you're just pushing all the molecules within that object into a smaller area and bonding them more strongly. It's all basic common sense and I hope no one listens to that idiot...
  20. numbers are universal, no matter if its one or "uno" its still a 1, 100 grams will always be and will always weigh 100 grams, unless its tampered with. look at Lead, that shit can be in a marble sized chunk and still weigh a good amount of weight compared to weed. gotta love science...
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