why do some of my plants have purple stems??

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by mr.niceguy619, May 10, 2006.

  1. a clone that i bought from the weed shop and 1 plant that i have grown have fuzzy purple stems, while 5 others that i have been growing have clear (weak looking) stems....can anyone help me out and tell me what that means?? are the plants w/ clear stems not gonna make it??? (the purple stemed plants look stronger)
  2. Why purple stems = genetics. Strain, phenotype, etc. Nothing wrong with purple stems.

    Clear stems? doesn't sound healthy. Put a small fan on 'em to make 'em dance gently, promotes strong stem growth. To prevent stretching keep the light as close as you can without burning them. Let them dry out between waterings.
  3. sounds to me like you been watering them with GRAPE-KOOL-AID.....

    just kidding. if the purple stems are alarming you, youd shit if you seen a purple bud. [ i did] freaked me out!!!!!!!
  4. thanks for the reply! as far as a fan/light on the clear stemed... i got them on the plants. thanks again
  5. Where do you live that has a "weed shop"

    haha, that reminds me of something I saw in one of the episodes of "Weeds" on shotime.
  6. na purple bud wouldnt freak me out... i just had some:smoking:
  7. well thats how i describe it, i have a medical mj card (im in cali) so i can go to lil "shops" that sell weed, plants, weed candy,cookies....ect...ect i wish i had ho time i wanna see that show (im too broke for premium cable:( )
  8. keep in mind purple stems arent always a genetic trait. they also can mean a lack of certain nutrients.
  9. oh man, are you sure?? i just bought the clone on saturday i hope it's not havin problems already:(
  10. All I know is, I wish Minnesota had a "weed shop"
  11. I don't think a lack of nutrients has anything to do with it... a lot of time cold temperatures at night will change it purple...

    oh, and p.s. - I wish I lived there. I'd so be getting you to help acquire me some clones from that shop. :p
  12. well if you guys were ever out here????...... shit they even let me "sample" weed before i buy it!!!
  13. you got me wandering if i should wring my cats neck!!!!!!:devious: :devious: :devious:
  14. yeah i hear ya.... i told my girl if the cat does it again, he will get the fly-swatter to the ass. on of my plants had a 1/2 bitten leaf cuz of that cat:mad:
  15. my plants have had purple stems since they sproted and there doing great plus my cat got in to my room but by a fluke i caugt the little darling in mid leap before she could damage them since then shes gotten a dose of the plant sprayer whenever she comes near it and has learnt to stay away just make sure theres no fert in it
  16. good idea:D
  17. Mr.Niceguy,
    I have been to 2-3 "weed shops" in the San Fernando Valley California. I do not have a prescription but, my sisters b/f does and I went with him. I could not go into the back room but, I was in the waiting room and almost started to cry because, wow, what a beautiful thing to be able to buy weed legally at a store. It was awesome. Next time I am in Cali I will get a prescription.

    Anywho, all the boys and girls are correct so far; purpling stems can be genetics (therefore normal) can be a deficiency or can be temperature shock. It is hard to know for sure. I would be surprised if you got a bad clone. How did it look when you bought it? I know a place that I went too in Sherman Oaks actually had some inferior grass to a store in Tarzana so, it is possible to get differing stuff at different stores.
  18. it's a nice feeling knowing that i can go buy weed and other goodies whenever i want:) and the clone was the best 1 they had @ the time it's called ice (anyone know anything about ice?) the girl working there said the bud will be all white:) and yeah the "weed shops" are def different from one another (price's and products always seem to be different) thanks for the help man (and everyone else) (by the way my buddy is from ok.)

  19. Right on!
  20. couldn't agree more! lets see if i can +rep ya... but maybe i already have too much, hehe

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