Why do rappers prefer Kush?

Discussion in 'High Ideas' started by cookieplease, Apr 25, 2017.

  1. Well said. I'm trying to be more patient as
    well said.
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  2. Who said that it offended me? I was pointing out your folly, giving you a chance to not sound like a dick but you went there.
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  3. Secretly yes... so I'm failing to see your point here
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  4. the good news is we learned why certain rappers mention Kush. That was educational for me. Now I won't say all rappers like Kush. Thanks for trying to help me by pointing out some words. :p
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  5. Because its in the know and sounds cool.

    Im starting to wonder if this thread is trollbait tho..

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  6. I honestly think because it sounds better. Sounds more like slang I guess. Kush and Dope. Instead of saying "Marijuana" "Pot" "Refer"
  7. Bitch a female dog or dawg

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  8. Grown with natural farming methods.
    Skywalker OG

    the stuff is great if you wanna kick back. Maybe they enjoy the narcotic effect. You basically give 0 fucks after a nice toke. You literally feel the wave of 0 fucks given come over you.
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  9. Well I think it's cause you can relax and get more into a beat after some nice indica (in my own experience, it's not very easy to make music if you're stressed out all the time) but when it comes to writing the content sativa is the way to go
  10. Go gets some gorilla glue number four
    It's gonna knock you to the floor,
    Shut ya mouth and quit bitchin more
    Now go out da door
    And get mo gorilla glue number four!
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    • P. S. I have never seen a strain called Kush. is there one? I have seen OG Kush, Bubba Kush, Blackberry Kush, etc.
      I am going to leafly to see if there is just Kush. Then if there is, I'll have to delete this!
    • According to Leafly.com

    • Effects: Kush usually vacillates between hybrid and indica dominance. The effects are typically heavy and sedative. OG Kush crosses are usually coupled with a bright euphoria that puts a smile on the couch-locked consumer. Introspection or internal reflection is a common effect of Kush as well. These cerebral effects make a strong case for Kush as a meditative variety of cannabis.
    Keep in mind that these attributes can vary from Kush strain to Kush strain. How a strain is grown and its unique genetic expression (referred to as a “phenotype”) naturally affect a strain’s attributes, giving some Kush strains a more sativa-like aroma, flavor, or effect.

    Around here, and I am on the west coast, a lot of people call good weed "Chronic" not Kush, but it means it's really good.
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  12. okay where is everyone? I guess nobody else cares about the origin of kush!
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  13. Rappers smoke weed the way they write songs. Very bland, mundane. 1 strain is all they know.
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  14. B/c it's a hella fun word mah dude

    Edit: typos
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  15. Well jimmy Hendricks says excuse him
    while he is under the influence of purple haze
    Wonder if that is a proof of rapper prefers kush
  16. Probably because it is easier to rhyme than Sativa.
  17. My biotch whore,
    Smoked all my Gorilla Glue #4!

    Oh I'm a believa
    in da Sativa....
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  18. Why do we have to bring "black people" into the equation?
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  19. I puffed on sativa and went to the yeshiva. Yeah, it doesn't work for busting rhymes.
  20. Kush is a general reference name for strains grow in the warmer climates of afganistan, Pakistan, and others in area. The name comes from the hinku kush mountain range.

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