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why do people use hash?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by cbrules3033, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. what is the purpose of hash? why use it? how do you use it?
  2. hash is a concentrated form of thc, and why use it you may ask? cause it takes you to 30,000 feet almost instantly
  3. ^^ what he said. theres many forms of hash.

    ive only smoked hash oil. basically, we packed a bowl of dank and poured some oil on top of it. its concentrated THC... so yeah its gonna get you higher faster then ordinary bud.
  4. thanks .. how do you use it? do you just stick it in the bowl and smoke it alone?
  5. so it would be better used on like mids instead of dank?
  6. No it would be better used on dank, because dank is better than mids :rolleyes:
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    You can just smoke it alone but generally it burns better with the greens. I tend to throw some greens/hash/greens/top off with more hash. Typically seen as a "brick" or oil, the oil can get messy sometimes.

    Edit: Brick as in chunky/ball/not liquidy...not necessarily the size of a brick =P
  8. aha okay well thx
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    You know what KEIF is, well hash in heated and compressed keif. That way it's a solid. You can put a nug of hash in your bowl or you can crush it up then put it on top of your dank.
    There is also iso has or hash oil or honey hash and the list goes on, but there oily and you would put it on top of you weed to smoke. You could also make a screen and put a little on without the bud. You could also put a drop on the end of a paper clip, bending the clip so it stands up, light the bad boy and put a glass over it. It will water fall in the glass then you use a straw to suck up the smoke.
    Man there are a hundreds of ways the smoke hash depending on the kind you have. So if you got some let us know and will help you from there.
  10. hey thanks alot man for that

    at the moment i have some qwiso hash
    how should i use that?
  11. Pick it, pack it, fire it up.
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    I recently used my grinder screen to ground up about 4g of keif put it in a joint, heat the joint with a lighter.

    Link: [ame=""]YouTube - HOW TO MAKE KEIF HASH REAL QUICK[/ame]

    Not my video By the way, Just how I learned how to do it.

    Cut that bitch open to reveal a joint sized hash brick.

    I just applied some on a blunt heavily and if I close my eyes and swirl my head just right, My head starts to feel like its melting a little.

    Its pretty nice, One bowl with this shit on top will fry me for a few hours XD
    Passed out the last two days around 2pm spelt till 5 or so.

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