Why Do People Need Everything To Be Better, Stronger,

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  1. smarter, more, more, more, on and on! And not saying I don't do this but recently I just realize that I do this, and I used to do it a lot more, everything has to be bigger! More food! Bigger servings! More sugar! more caffeine! Stronger Redbull! Leave the hairdye on longer! Sometimes you crash and realize that it doesn't have to improve..

  2. Thats just what society has turned into competition over everything, things that should not even matter...
  3. Because after awhile we become used to what we have, and stop paying as much attention to it. So we automatically focus our attention on something else - and what might that be? Not something new, because that's strange and we may not understand it. Not less of what we have, because that would require more work. But more of what we know? Ways to make what we know better? How exciting! Gimme gimme gimme!
    People just get bored too easily, and with everything that's offered nowadays, we're tricked into thinking the sky's the limit. But we're only human.
  4. For the same reason that scumbags steal from other people: greed.
    Greed is at the root of everything you posted. 

  5. Maybe because we develop a 'tolerance' to things? A certain amount doesnt fulfill us so we want more. Much like we want more weed!

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  6. Those AT&T commercials piss me off.  "Bigger is better"..."Faster is better".  Commercials appeal to the masses and I'm not of the masses.  Because I don't really care about that stuff.  As long as I'm high.
  7. Are you just saying that or did you really go through all of them ? :eek:
  8. Because everyone wants to be on a higher level, so they market things to appeal to our dominate emotions.
  9. Are you just saying that or did you really go through all of them ? :eek:
    Go through all of what? I was referring to your OP. Sorry if that wasn't clear
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    pretty much this, not to mention advertising everywhere conditioning us to feel like we/what we have is never good enough. im legit scared for the future. we have become far too comfortable to the point that we arent comfortable with our endless comforts. the vast majority of my generation and younger are fucked if we lose essential infrastructure. 
    dont forget to get in line for the next iphone. it does everything your current one does but the new one is newer so its better. and it can be yours for the price of a cheap used car!
  11. Paranoid! 'everything' threw me off! Sorry :p
  12. Paranoid! 'everything' threw me off! Sorry :p
    Yeah I tend to not be very clear when I'm high :p
  13. Theres no gratification in satisfaction
  14. Because it's the psychology of our exxxtreme society.
  16. It's called evolution, survival of the fittest.
    Most people forget that we are largely driven by instinct just like all other mammals.
  17. No one is going to be content with reggie if they have access to bomb ass weed.
  18. It's all about the $$$$$$$
  19. We are a greedy animal.

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