Why do people like alcohol so much?

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  1. I've tried alcohol a few times now, to me It's like modifying an indica strain to leave only the couch lock/downer effects without the spiritual-ness of weed, if that makes any sense.
    Once I get a few beers in me, I can barely focus on what's in front of me. I may as well look at the floor while I'm playing a game, because I have no idea what's going on no matter how hard I try to focus on what's happening. 
    I can see why people drink it in certain situations e.g. a beer at a party to gain a bit of confidence to chat up a girl. But people like my brother drink a lot and it makes no sense to me, on an off note he probably takes 15 beers to get a buzz. e.e
    So many people correlate beer with watching football, but that really makes no sense to me. You won't even understand what's going on? Maybe I'm doing something wrong with this whole alcohol thing. I've done it with friends 99% of the time, just don't understand the appeal so far.

  2. Because it's a totally legal way to get fucked up.
  3. What's the point in getting fucked up if it isn't fun though.
    I guess that being 'fucked up' is fun if you've never been 'fucked up,' but after that, doesn't it start to lose its charm?
  4. It is fun, you just have to be in a good situation with a good state of mind. Drinking isn't for everyone though. I could personally drink anywhere and I would have a good time, it just makes you feel free.

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  5. relaxing
    stress relief, no paranoia

    people are pre disposed to addiction whether they like it or not. whether it be weed, alcohol, food, sex, hard drugs, etc.

    + drinking is associated with good times. growing up all those commercials, movies, shows... pre-programs you to love it. and since it is socially acceptable on a grand scale it's a group that one can easily fit in with.
  6. No, getting drunk doesn't lose it's charm. You are usually in different scenarios each time you drink, so it's always different. That's like asking why people like weed. You get high, you like being high, it's funBeing drunk is funSent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum mobile app
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    I actually always thought this. "Why is this so popular? I'm guessing it's because of marketing.. cause this shit sucks."
    Anything you named there, weed can do better. Alcohol's effects are tame in comparison to weed. Yet its popularity is superior.
    You don't have to get blackout drunk everytime you drink. You can have a couple drinks that provide a mellow buzz, which is what most people do. There are plenty of those people that take it way overboard of course, but there are also plenty of people that take it way overboard with weed. Moderation is a good thing.
  9. I like both!
  10. It gets you drunk that's why.
  11. i don't know its fun and loosens you up, its bad for you but so are a lot of things.

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  12. It's popular because it makes females loosen up, thus getting their pants off is easier.
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    Because them shits will get you fucked up! And some people want to have that disconnect with reality. Legalize weed with no restrictions and my liver will thank you.

    And what the hell is up with DUI laws? You can't get a loan or sign a contract whole drunk, you can't go before a judge drunk... All because they say it affects your decision making skills..... Fucking duh... that's why they are driving.. They have no clue that they are making a bad decision. And if they are successful on their trip they think they are good to go next time. People make no sense to me. Life ain't peculiar, people make it peculiar!

    I can spell, and am fairly articulate. But Google keyboard on my tablet is trying to convince every one I am retarded.
  14. Because we're all anxious uptight bastards.
  15. Because alcohol is the "water of life." :metal:
  16. Its something to hide behind, I started as a social drinker growing up, then started drinking alone,,then when I was on probation drank everyday and kept on after probation and shit got bad but im 3 weeks without the poison and loving it... Alcohal is a tough habit il leave it at that
  17. Compare it to why you yourself smoke weed and switch the traits to have it be alcohol.. I came to the same conclusion everyone's an addict! May not be a substance but addiction runs rampant lol
  18. And beer makes me get more involved with the task at hand, if im buzzed watching the game im yelling at the tv jumping off the couch but if im high im chillin probaly texting or reading

    If I want some bitches beer makes me feel like I gotta get that pussy, if im high im like fuck these hoes they'll come around I aint bout to chase em
  19. Maybe just a prelude to being embalmed.
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    Because it's vastly different than weed. 
    I've had smoke seshs'/parties and it's definitely not the same as a regular party (alcohol).
    Alcohol makes you lose your sense of self awareness. It's loosens your inhibitions and when that happens around a bunch of people shit gets crazy. You have a ton of drunk people with almost no morals doing whatever they want with no regard to safety or anything else.
    Whenever you get a bunch of stoners together they just talk and play video games. 
    My friends are as intelligent as I am so I can have in-depth conversations about politics, religion, etc without any of us getting offended.
    Alcohol does not make you think, weed does.
    Alcohol numbs the brain to the real world problems out there. Weed makes you take a good look at yourself and the society around you. It makes you think. It makes you question.
    TPTB cannot have people questioning. Even in the early 1900's TPTB have existed. 

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