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Why do people hate shake?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by mystonedmind, Jan 23, 2014.

  1. in my experience, shake from the bottom of a bag of well-trimmed bud is a lot stronger than the buds themselves even because they catch so much keef and theyre so dry. but even shake thats more closely like trim, with a mix of the longer sugar leaves you see on schwag and a mix of real shake is usually as strong as some low mids generally. ive bought ounces for as low as 40 dollars of this stuff, and a .2-.3 bowl would get me right where i want to be. its actually harder to come by than bud where i live because most of this stuff gets blasted into bho, so im always thankful when i get a deal like this. i meet people all the time that refuse to even smoke shake if its free and it seems a little ridiculous, just wondering why you dont like weed thats 1/4 of the price. (oz of mids-danks is like 160-200) 

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    I don't hate shake. What I hate is when dealers try to SELL shake. I also have a bit of distrust for it if I didn't grind it myself, since its contents are usually not always identifiable.
    It's just a red flag for me. Unless I trust you like family, I'd never consider purchasing or smoking someone's shake.
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  3. i only buy it if they tell me its shake and they give me a big discount
  4. Sshhhh. What the fuck are you doing man? You are giving away the best kept secret in the businesses. That's it, you are out of the club. Return your decoder ring and don't come to any more meetings!

    Jk. I love shake. I vape. So not only is it drier, or quicker to dry... but there is extra kief. How can that be bad? Shake ain't pretty, but it's better and they almost give it to you when you look at it funny.
  5. Because who doesn't want some nice fat nugs instead? I love fat buds.:smoke:
    Haha I'd probably buy shake for a good discount too, and if it smelled dank
  7. [quote name="Tree Of Life" post="19388652" timestamp="1390439279"]Because who doesn't want some nice fat nugs instead? I love fat buds.:smoke:[/quote]Preach
  8. I wouldn't buy weed off of someone I didn't trust anyway. You are either too paranoid, or you really need to find a better classes of dealers...
  9. All that kief on those big fat buds falls off right into the bottom of your guys bag. I buy it for half to a quarter of what you pay... And it lasts twice as long, and tastes just the same.
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    AsianToker is right - identification problem.
    I love shake, if I'm buying an ounce has to be 70-80% nug.
    If you buy a gram then don't be a bitch if its shake.. 
    If your smoke smart you'll know if it's quality even if it's ALL shake.
    He said 'trust like family'
  11. #11 Bill O'Really, Jan 23, 2014
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    You can't choose family. You can choose your dealer. If I don't trust you, I don't trust you. Blood and relation don't change that, for me anyways. My family know to call before they come over. My main dealer has a key so he can drop off when I'm not around.

    What kind of people are you guys buying from? Don't they have any integrity?
  12. Yeah, but I like breaking down those fat beautiful nugs. I like 1 gram nugs, but 2 gram nugs and up are awesome. I could take a jar of buds out just to look at them sometimes. :bongin:
  13. Often times people don't care much for shake because if you're acquiring it from an unknown source it could contain certain unmentionables that somewhat appears to be shake but in actuality it will harm the human body and mind ,some people also don't like the stems and seeds often times associated with shake ,and lastly some people just prefer bud over shake. Now with that being said I myself have lived in poverty since birth so if a deal like forty for an ounce of shake comes along you best believe I'll hope all over that like white on rice and I'll tell ya  "shit man set me up with two for eighty" and I also know whether or not my bud/shake is laced considering I've been smoking for quite sometime now.
  14. Buds are pretty. But for me it's medicinal, not ritualistic. Not ragging on you, I think dudes like that is cool. It's like having tea with a Chinese man. The tea is beneficial, but the process is a bonding experience and symbolic. It is part of the magic of what happens. So what I use it for is more clinical......

    FUCK MAN! I just realized that I'm not getting all of the benefits. I'm using the weed, not "taking" it! See what injury and illness do? I've been missing out on the ritual of it.
  15. My whole circle is kush dealers, each of them I trust with my life, weed, and money.
    Half of them are strapped at all times, they still have honor and integrity.
    Might wanna change your definition of integrity
  16. Why would I do that? My morals are flexible, in case I need to TCB. But my integrity is R I G I D. Their's is the same. I demand a lot from my friends, in return I'll give my life, freedom or immortal soul if I have one.
    Yah bro, you need dealers like my boys. We take care of each other. What? You just by dope off anyone that has dope? We are a unit, and tighter than any family you'll ever meet. Like the fucking Mafia without the spaghetti and garlic bread. LOL
  17. BTW... the last time I saw REAL kush, it was being brought back in coffins from Iraq in 91. They smuggled it in from Afghanistan. This shit they call kush here ain't real kush. Easy way to tell the real stuff....light the stem and see if it burns like a candle, or goes out and makes an ember....another easy way to tell is by the packaging. What kind of baggie do they use?
    I'd bet $100 bucks to a fucking doughnut you ain't seen REAL Afghani Kush. Shame too, that shit is awesome. I'm not busting on you or your boys. But people don't know real from fake. Truth is that some of what they call Kush has a higher THC level. Real Kush is couch lock city, and so sticky if you ball it up it looks like hash.
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    describes my circle
    edit: used 'kush' to describe quality sensimilla
  19. Oh dude, it feels nice to have a huge bag of shake and roll like 5g blunts and not give a fuck.Kottonmouth Kings
  20. See....LOL. I love that skunky Sensi too. I got married in Jamaica, smoked some on a farm with some Marley's. Might not have been cousins... But there aren't too many Marley's in Jamaica with weed farms, lol.

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