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Why do people collected stems?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MutantCrabAnt, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. What is the purpose? I heard smoking the stems is a great way to get a headache...
  2. To make hash or edibles, or to chew on for their taste, (chewing stems does NOT get you high).
  3. you dont smoke them, if you have enough you can make hash, edibles, keif, I guess whatever you want really. If you have a few grams of stems it wont be worth doing anything to them. But once you get an ounce or more you might be able to come out of it with a nice little ball of hash.
  4. You can make a lot of things with them... Such as tea.

  5. although I chew my stems, its also a good indicator to see how well those buds were flushed, you can taste if there is still some fertz in there or not.
  6. Great, now the next question is what do i do with hash?
  7. lmfao. It's basically "weed concentrate" you can smoke it and get high as fuck. (although there is a technique to it)

  8. This is my favorite method personally.

    [ame=""]YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.[/ame]
  9. You can make stem tea, which can really fuck you up if made properly. That's what i do with my stems!
  10. Do a search for "hash" there's LOTS of stuff to do with it.

    And yeah, you can do a LOT with stems, as long as you save a decent amount. I always put mine in with my leftover vaped material and make a glycerin based tincture.
  11. you can also smoke stems there just harsh as fuck but i would only do that if i was hurtin and had no cones left
  12. I like the idea of stem tea since i do enjoy tea normally.

    Is a resin ball he same as hash? I made fun of my friend for collectin resin balls to smoke and told him to go eat paintchips while he's at it lol.
  13. stem tea is defiantly bomb if you know how to make it well.
    and mutant, where do you live may i ask? my friend had her facebook picture as that ferret, and i've never seen anyone else use it! haha
  14. Use the search button, youll find out.
  15. Northern Virginia, trust me its not an uncommon picture.

    google "birthday ferret" and its right there in images
  16. yea. to make edibles and hash. If im using a pipe/bong, I include the stems if they're not to big. never made any difference to me.

    I do chew them though. Idk why. lol
  17. im collecting atm, going to attempt weed tea, someone pm me on this idk if it will work. will rep+.
  18. hey dude how do you make your tea?
  19. i like to tie knots in them :wave:
  20. I either vape them or make green dragon. I actually tell friends to save me their stems, and they have no problem because they don't use them.

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