Why do people care so much about subliminal messages?

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  1. I dont understand the hype in subliminal messages really. I see people freaking out about it all the time online like illuminati this, and crazy signs that mean something.. can someone pls explain this to me lol
  2. Its not a good hype if thats what you mean. Well would you like to be receiving information making you want to buy goods when you didnt even know, or have a chance to think on your own? Corporate scum and governments are low enough without raining advertisements on us without knowing.
  3. umm, because they can be used to brainwash you?...to me, its like caring about nuclear energy...
  4. It's very important dude. It can cause a thought even if it's for a second that will make you buy shit even if you dont want it, like a reflex. The illuminati exist, no need to debate it now because they're not even hiding it anymore, just look at the facts. Watch some alex jones documentaries, Joe Rogan interviews, Bill Hicks, George Carlin and Dave Chappelle stand up. Smart people figured it out and are telling yiu about the NWO and stuff, just listen to them and you will start noticing stuff too.

    I found the word Sex spelled in Edwards hair on the Twilight poster hanging in a mall. My friend was with me and he saw it too when i showed him. So it's fact not fiction. There is even a law against subliminal messages and they wouldnt create one if it wasnt true and able to mess with your brains.
  5. It gives people control over the population. Back in the 60s or something, movie theaters flashed images of popcorn, food, and drinks which got people to spend much more. Its a fact that it works, so some fear it can be used for something much worse

  6. Makes sense.. idk if it really works for me, I hate commercials and advertisements they rarely get to me.. I think at least.
  7. Some people do take it to an annoying level, i.e. the Illuminati business. I'm actually quite intrigued by it. (Psychology major dropout over here. :wave: )

    It's a really interesting thought that just a picture can make you wanna buy a car, or whatever. The human mind is a crazy thing.

  8. Yea it is crazy if you think about it, I agree.
  9. Fuck subliminal messages:mad:
  10. It affects you. Thats why people make a big deal out of it, because you dont realize how much of an effect it has on you.

    It works for you, and it has worked on you
  11. These days, they don't even try to be 'subliminal'. They're so blatant and loud with their messages, I wish they were actually subliminal.

    A flashing thought.

    Subliminal messges are GOOD because it's less annoying.

  12. add some over generalizations mix in a little vague "facts" and add about a pound of confirmation bias and you got yourself a conspiracy theory.

    a funny little thought of mine that i like to tickle every now and then is that todays conspiracy theories and different types of pseudo science is exactly like the myths and folklore of the past. what used to be gods are now aliens what used to be the devil is now the nwo. things like that.
    but that's probably pretty insulting so i like to keep it to myself
  13. its because theyre fucking with your subconscious without your permission. would you want to be hypnotized and told things without your knowledge or permission? same basic idea.
  14. I just did a huge ass project on this last month... It's all bullshit. Even if your subconcioud percieves aessage it still won't connect and make you wanna go out buying shit.
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    I haven't watched television for almost 2 years now - not even the news. I no longer listen to the radio either. Even so, I'm not completely isolated from the sickening, manipulative cancer that is Western media. Obviously I still access the internet for my news (and GC!) and research, which brings with it a plethora of mental bombardment.

    It truly, genuinely depresses me when I see someone sit for hours in front of the television. It is a socially encouraged waste of life akin to alcoholism.

    Man is born free, yet he is everywhere in chains. Gone are the chains of steel and the yoke about the neck of the slaves. They have been replaced with Fox News, Jersey Shore, Two and a Half Men and a generation of coke-addled starlets lost to their souls.

    EDIT: Don't take this as a self righteous rant. There is just too much beauty to be seen and experienced in the universe for us to waste it being told what car we should buy or who's been fucking who in Hollywood.
  16. 3000, While I agree with you cant really say that. Who's to say I cant sit down and watch a hockey game or watch my favorite tv show once and a while? Sometimes its nice to relax on your couch and use the TV as an escape from other things. It's a positive thing in my life not negative. Pretty ignorant to say it wastes your life, cant ALWAYS be doing somthing productive.
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