Why do people care so much about HP?

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  1. I do not understand the infactuation with people's cars and VTEC, Hemi, and "power". Unless you track the car (which most people don't), why do you care if it has 300 HP and it's a hemi? What is wrong with a normal Civic with tasteful mods (if that's what you like)? Why do people immediately start with the "OMG it's gotta be an Si with VTEC" "Swap that engine" etc? It is nothing more than people trying to increase their dick size.

    Who gives a fuck about this crap? My 1.7L, 130hp Civic is a gas sipper, she's reliable, comfortable, and looks great when I detail her up (3 hour process every 2 months). No stupid loud exhaust, no booming sound system, and no stupid "slammed" suspension.
  2. I agree with you completely, although I do have an si

    97 civic si, completely stock

    tbh I really don't think it's much faster than any other civic. Wouldn't really matter to me anyway, I drive it for mpg not hp haha
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    I'm pretty sure we couldn't care less about some of the things you're interested in as well.

    Some people love this:

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qf7h3lwWHBU]YouTube - Camaro ZL1 run. 9.55 seconds[/ame]

    And I guess some people don't. Have you ever felt the rush of 400hp+ machine? It's hard to explain. Those mechanical horses that man built rumbling under the hood is just a great feeling.

  4. Yea, and my gas gauge was moving faster than my speedometer.

  5. Thats why you don't drive them everyday. They're called toys. Being financially responsible has nothing to do with this thread.

  6. I have a hard time paying for everything for one car. One day maybe I'll be able to get "toys."
  7. because, people love cars. we love building them from the frame up, it's more then just making big power, it's simply a lifestyle bro.:)
  8. The answer to your question, my good friend is simple! The people who are like that are what we in the car/modding/jdm/ euro/ import scene call "Badge Whores". They want to be the fanciest and fastest, and always on top. This is called selling out and generally being a prick. If your into cars, mod your car how you want, what you want it to look like, how low you want the coilovers, how fast you want the engine, how high you want the spoiler, etc. At the end of the day, theyre haters, and are they driving your car? Nope, you are, so as long as you like it thats all that matters.

    It seems like your a vtech fan, so just think...there aint nothin like gettin some dome in your civic by a japanese girl :)

    Peace fam.
  9. Well from a person that has had many many days at the track bangin through gears i can say its an adrenaline rush! You get all pumped from the race then take a few rips and chill. Good stuff..
  10. Cuz not everyone wants a slow honda civic.
  11. haha for sure :smoke:
  12. Torque is what gets you going
  13. But why do you need a daily driver that has torque and is fast? The speed limit on the highways in Canada are 100km/h and in the US not higher than 75mph. I can cruise comfortably at 120km/h and I can get their pretty fast with my 130hp 1.7 four banger.
  14. Cars are some people's hobby dude. Just cuz you like to drive a slow car doesn't mean all of us want to. Whoever said you have never driven a fast car is right. There is just something about controlling a 400+ HP machine that is indescribable.
  15. I've driven 400+ HP cars but I don't see the need for something like that, especially with the speed limits and gas prices. You have a better chance of getting caught for speeding than you do for smoking weed.
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    Torque wins championships but horsepower clears the showrooms.

    Oh, and horsepower doesn't really even matter that much on a racetrack. Most classes are specced to run similar engines and power. In the end it comes down to how fast you want to go. As someone who is frequently on a race track, I can have just as much fun in a 80hp rx7 as I do in a 450hp gt3. Mind you it requires similar cars to race against. Horsepower is for people who cant keep up.
  17. I understand what you mean OP.

    I'd rather have a everyday driver that drove like it was supposed to.

    That being said I do like my toys. If money wasn't an option I'd sure as hell have one extensive car collection.

    I 100% understand why guys want fast cars. But the ones that do really should have a second vehicle.

    Where I live almost everyone has more than one vehicle. I don't live in a area with a lot of money either, a lot of people have beater cars. It's just we have seasons here so its good to have something for the summer, and something for winter.

  18. and thast part of the fun also your civic barely makes more power than my zx7 haha fuckin sad:rolleyes:

  19. I don't know if you've ever driven on Long Island in NY, but traffic here regularly hit's over 100mph between rush hour,

    Hell I've been doing 120 crusing in a pack of cars and people fly by us like we're standing still.

    I've also been that guy doing a buck sixty that flys by the other speeders, but you gotta remember to be safe about it (no speeding through traffic, no cutting people off, responsible driving).

    When you're in a bad mood, had a shitty day, you go home, take a few rips on the bong, and relax right?

    Well I Slam through the gears to relief stress, and my shitty mood, then go home and rip that bong :)

    you can't imagine what it feels like to catch up to and pass traffic in a few quick shifts. you might as well be driving home at 40mph and be getting a bj at the same time. it's almost equivalent.

    Gas isn't even part of the equation either as long as you're responsible. not only that, but my 400HP race engine gets about 25-27mpg at 80mph on the highway, were as the stock engine in my car only got 20mph highway, so I actually save gas speeding :hello:.
  20. and if I get hit by a transport truck I have a chance of living. You have a chance of having your body donated to science if it isn't mangled and twisted. :wave:

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