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Why do my pupils get small?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by OriginUnknown, Oct 1, 2010.

  1. I've always thought you're pupils were supposed to get big, I've never really paid attention to it when I've been stoned before but today I looked and my pupils were really small?
  2. I'm pretty sure marijuana does not affect yoyr puil size...
  3. Your pupils normally dilate, or, grow in size.

    And I'm not sure, do your eyes get red? Do you wear contacts, or anything else that could do something to your eyes?
  4. My eyes do get a bit red, though this weed was like worse than schwagg(Was free so oh well) so that might be it too, I only got a bit high off it.
  5. Smoke some mids, get pretty high and report back if your pupils dilate.

    I'm sure it's nothing to worry about, just a weird phenom.
  6. Will do, I smoked the free crap to get it out of the way(My friend go soooo ripped off on it). I got some pretty damn good mids sitting here begging to be smoked.
  7. My friends dad who's a cop says that when your high and a light is shined in your eyes your pupils will start shrinking and then get bigger. I tried it one time in my bathroom and it was true.
  8. bro idont know but when im high my eyes turn to like the most amazing shade of light blue lol just throwing it out there.
  9. My pupils are normally tiny, but the higher I get, the bigger they get. I imagine it has to do with my mood change-- how I'm looking at the world.
  10. idk man everytime i blaze, my pupils go huge its wack

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