why do my autos look like this? wispy, no trichomes at all, tiny calyx

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  1. Setup:
    4x4 tent
    400watt hps
    100mm centrifugal extractor fan
    500mm carbon filter
    6" oscillating fan
    3 x autoflowers "Critcal XXL Auto"
    Day 42 and Day 45

    So yeah, my autos are looking strange. 2 of them anyway, the other ones fine.
    They look very thing and wispy, the pistils barely look like pistils. I thought that maybe they had hermi'd on me but theres no sign of males. The Calyx's are tiny too, about a quarter the size of the one thats growing well.

    I sprayed them with a neem oil solution because of a spidermite problem. or at least i think its mites, i cant actually find any theres just leaf damage.

    Have I ruined them? or will they pull through? its pretty disappointing, they're growing to a decent size (for me anyway, ive had bad luck with small autos).

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    Those look really good actually... what is that 3 or 4 weeks? Could be genetics ...? I've had taco leaves, hook leaves ... and currently an autoflower outgrowing my tent mid preflower. She looks healthy... honestly I'm thinking she wants more light giving she's so green and healthy, node spacing is great ... give her time she has yet to impress... oh and she needs more light! Edit: by the looks of those pistils your close to 2 months in, I would assume a light deficiency at most...
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  3. more light will make you smile and fatten her up

    leave a temp gauge at top most leaf and lower light until you hit 77f/25c after 30mins
    for most, thats about 14-17 inches, dangle a string to use as an indicator

    good luck
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  4. I agree. They look good and healthy. Just probably taking longer due to genetic traits.
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  5. Thanks everyone for their replies. You've made me feel a lot better about the whole thing. previous to this all my grows have had a bunch of trichomes by now, and have definitely smelled if i rubbed them etc.

    I'm gonna try run 600watt HPS. I couldn't run 600 in my previous tent (3x3) as it was too small.. I've tried it in this tent and its possible, just need to bump up the fans and whatnot.

    thanks again
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  6. more like 6 weeks :-/

    Edit: sorry, didn't see your edit
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  7. All good keep grinding! You're on the right track. Much luck!
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  8. So I'm running 600watt HPS instead of 400watt, they seemed to have responded pretty well... continuing to stretch and getting a bit bushier.

    I'm still confused at how they are flowering... i know it's only been a few days but at 45 days-ish i would have assumed there would be some sign of trichomes, or at least a smell?

    This is only my 6th? grow, but i've never had a plant flower like this...

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  9. for a comparison, this is another one i have going at the moment, same strain, a few days older.
    this is what i'm used to...

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  10. Tiny in my opinion, but they look healthy enough. Maybe upgrade your lighting next time.
  11. They do look a bit tiny imo, but it could be strain, or your grow area conditions.
    I've been at photos for a few years, but just did my first 2 autos (planted around labor day, harvested just after thanksgiving. Bruce Banner strain)

    Having no prior experience with autos, I topped them like photo plants and they managed to do ok for a first try (3oz dried per plant after 100ish days). They looked like this at 4 weeks (sept 4 oct-11)

    One week later though (oct 19) they had really taken off

    I was also worried about mine, but I kept them healthy like yours and they eventually worked out alright with minimal issues, maybe give yours another week or two and see if they don't fatten up some, by the time I was ready to cut 6 weeks later they were still smaller than I'd liked, but made up for it with some excellent trich density

    (Quick notes these are under an SF-4000 at roughly 2 feet and 80% intensity (measured at canopy to be approx 850 umol/sec running 12/12 at this point as there were photo plants in the same tent)

    Temps 74F / 24C

    RH 40-50%

    air changes 1 per 5 min (tent volume in cuft / cfm your exhaust can pull per minute)

    5 gal fabric pots, half ocean forest / half oly mtn fish compost from build a soil, nutes only when the plant shows signs of deficiency

    approx 1 liter (1/4 gallon) of water per plant per day.

    I make no claims to be a pro or for massive yields or ultra thick frost, just lazy, this is my go-to "just need to grow some more buds and don't feel like spending more than 15 minutes a day at it) method.

    Hope this helps mate, I'm hoping you will start to see some more activity soon!
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  12. Size wasn't the question/topic but thanks for your input.
    tallest is now 25", shortest is 18". I haven't had much luck with big grows, averaging 1-1.5oz per plant. I'm a beginner. Also a casual hobbyist grower, in a country where growing isn't exactly legal + living in a rental with 3 monthly inspections.
    Big grows, and/or photoperiods aren't realistic for me.
    I don't sog/scrog, or train heavily. Just some casual grows to try out some different strains, and grow some CBD for family and friends that benefit from it for medical reasons (cancer, arthritis).

    I'm just going to keep this grow going (obviously). Even if it doesn't produce many trichs, I'll just use the harvest for edibles and/or topicals (generally what I do anyway).

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