Why do most people smoke weed now?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana News' started by Kellie C Battle, Mar 15, 2017.

  1. Rocks of all kinds are sometimes spectacular in color shape and design. AND they last forever. Permanent beauty
    Oh Yeah I smoke weed because with a Rock like this... not smoking would be wrong..
    As a Medicine Man I can administer just the right amount to the incapacitated and critters.. They need a toke too. .
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  2. I had the ToKin stone checked and they said Not Man Made.. No signs of the peck peck of a chisel I guess.
    The way the grove lines up with the center hole. That hole is 5 sided weird and the joint end of the stone looks like it could have been melted.. Aliens I think.. OR the Great Spirit adding a few finishing touches..

    Held at different angles there are at least 5 faces on the tokin stone and one only visible by looking through the center hole.. The coloration is strange as well.. A quartz cobble is the rock type.

    Lots about stones in libraries here.. North American Myths and Legends --- Section E96 dewey decimal system
    Stories that are more fascinating than the stones themselves.
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  3. Chronic Illnesses and Permanent Disabilities

    Mental Disorders

    To open up our minds and broaden our understanding of life's concepts
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  4. Smoking weed for the purpose of show off become habit at one point. This is how I think about smoking weed.
  5. I Think there are some medical smokers. It can help them feel better.
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  6. Its a past time no different from watching tv or say fishing,,, its just something to do but its also effective at relaxing you or relieving some ailments
  7. Medically life isn’t easy.
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  8. I believe it's my basic right as a human.
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  9. It relaxes me. Some people have drinks after work but I prefer smoking.
  10. I could list a hundred different reasons but to put it simply, it just feels right.
  11. Helps me fall and stay asleep at night, a social thing to do with close friends. More happy and positive when I'm stoned. Food tastes great...
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  12. Because I need something to help keep me from getting sensory overload and, to sleep at night. Helps me make friends and, become social. Plus being baked is fun.
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  13. This post reminded me of this song.

    Besides it being my human right I smoke because it eases the pain, helps me see things differently like "that shit doesn't matter", takes away a lot of my over thinking/anxiety, it has gotten me through depression, and it makes me permasmile. Why WOULDN'T I smoke weed? It has changed me for the better as a person, helped me get out of my "shell".
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