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Discussion in 'General' started by WizardOfSwag, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. Why do I hate beer? :confused: i can barely stand the stuff when my buddies are there downing 6 packs all over the place. I mean i drink a bottle every once in a while but don't enjoy it and then move to hard liquor. I don't mind guinness at all, and i can drink rickards red but that's about it. I just get so fucking sick of it after half a pint. Sorry boys and girls, just a little rant from your friendly neighbourhood Swag :smoke::cool:
  2. Can't blame yourself in this situation. Beer doesn't really taste all that well, I don't care what people say. They are wrong.
  3. The ONLY time I drink beer.

    Is when I play beer pong.

    And I rarely drink hard alcohol.

    I just hate the taste.
  4. nahh dude gotta be 18 on this site, so run back to mommy but good attempt at trolling. Better luck next time ;):cool:
  5. I imagine the older you get, the less shitty it will taste. idk why, just my observations.
  6. Over 18? That I am! I'm just messing though, beer tastes like shit but you gotta down it from time to time.. I'd much prefer some Vlad.
  7. Beer is amazing, I would drink beer anyday and tell u it tastes good, because, well I've aqcuired a taste for it after my years of binge drinking slowly passed.

    WHo doesn't like a nice cold one on a hot summer day? Or even after a hard days work?
  8. Beer is an acquired taste. Try light beers, alot better tasting if you're not a fan of beer.
  9. Only the hard stuff for me. I love some goose or ciroc. I like the stuff I can drink straight.
  10. No you're wrong.

    The beer I drink tastes fucking good to me. But I've been drinking it for ten years.

    Most people call it piss water but I call it delicious delicious Busch Light :smoking: I got the taste for it.
  11. So what I'm getting out of this is i have to not like it for a while, to like it... :cool:
  12. I get really bad heartburn if I drink like a shot..
  13. Miller light is good and I don't care what you guys say.

    But seriously OP its an acquired taste. Drink it till it starts tasting good xD
  14. I also hate beer. It tastes like shit, but I never drank much.

    I like hard liquor :smoke:
  15. I beg to differ I love the taste of beer especially Hefeweizens or Sam Adams.
  16. I didn't like beer the first few times I drank any...

    Most people I know are like that too. Some are reluctant to try it again because they just think it's shitty. What's funny is most of these people tried some bud light or a beer of that nature

    After you've had a few though, they start tasting amazing...it really is an acquired taste I think.
  17. This thread just made me want beer ha ha. Used to taste like piss water, now it tastes like beer. Some better than others. Plan on widening my variety. Wanna see what's out there. But, yeah, guess it's an acquired taste
  18. Im usually good for a 24 a weekend, love it. Its kind of an acquired taste i would think.
  19. nah i hated it in highschool, i started really liking it recently. used to drink to party and loved it, now i drink to chill with friends, and love it haha. weeds better though.

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