Why do i suck at photoshop!

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  1. i fn hate it i try to do cool shit but its like i have a brain block because i get to a poinmt where i cant figure out what to do and it pisses me the fuck offffff i dont no if there is a sloution to this but if anyone has any ideas tell me...other than smokin cause that helps out mad amounts lol
  2. I'm gonna say you attention to detail is your problem. smoking, while great, may not be conducive to photoshop in your case.
  3. [​IMG]


    both were baked for and i have no clue how i did it lol why cant i always be this abstract
  4. Another thing that might be the problem, is your knowledge of the program.
    Because i know to this day, i have insane visuals that i try to get into photoshop and make work, but still come to a stopping point, because i am not learned enough in the program.
    I know this guy that does shit like this all the time, vector art.
    its insane.

    some of his designs



    as a matter of fact, if any one knows of some tutorials to learn how to do vector art and such like this, i would really appreciate it.
    because his work is amazing.

    His name is TFDC.
    The Flow Design Company.
    (had to give props)

    sorry for the rambling.
  5. Yes this is very true but i still do know alot about the program cause i had a class oin it for 2-3 years but i do still not know alot of the shit on it
  6. What I like to do is to search the web for a picture that I'd like to use. If I don't have something paticular in mind, I'll just search for some random stuff, like "jim morrison", "marijuana" or such. Then I'd drop the picture into Photoshop and start messing with it. Something good will eventually come out of it.

    It might also be a good idea to browse the internet for some plugins, just to add something new to it...
  7. Lack of practice probably. :p

    Just practice, dude. No one starts out on top.
  8. Check out the tutorials sites, there are thousands of them. Just google photoshop tutorials.I used to scoff at them, seemed gimmicky and stuff that I would hardly use, but they help immensely. Eventually you'll know enough that you can draw from all them, tricks you pick up learning even basic effects will become invaluable tools, especially going for that abstract style.

    Buckle down a bit and force yourself through some tutorials, even if you think you wont use them. Get a nice bag of some dank, pay attention to the tricks that seem more clever, and you'll find your skills increase rapidly.
  9. just mess around iwth every setting you'll learn soon
  10. Because you're noob. =]

    That Christopher Walken is freaking me out.
  11. take your time! it took me a while to get good but all the sudden ur skill will rapidly start to increase
  12. My advice -> Look closely at logos and images you see and try to imagine how you would make it in photoshop.

    One thing I learned that quickly makes a picture look modern is a pattern overlay with 3 1pixel black dots on a see through background then using a gradient to make it noticable.

    Maybe one day I'll be good enough at photoshop to do something like this:
  13. well i'm becoming concept artist like ryan church. his work is fuckin amazing
    check it out

    i'm pretty good but still long ways...
    i would love to show u my pics but dont have scanner so..

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