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Why do i still feel high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bananna, Nov 12, 2008.

  1. yo guys, so today has been 5 days since i smoked last (and that was only my 2nd time) and im still having like feelings of being high. sometimes i'll have sort of like out of body experiences and that feeling where it seems like its been forever since you've said something (or if you even really did say it), and sometimes it'll feel like when the high first hits you, and some other things. but idk its really starting to creep me out, idk wats wrong or wats happening. anyone got any advice or had something similar happen to u?
  2. The only similar experience that I have had was on shrooms, where I had a very positive 'afterglow' for a few days following. I just felt happy, content and warm all the time.

    There have been times where I thought hours later - how can I still be high. The truth is, I wasn't high, but maybe I was light headed, dizzy, or had forgotten to eat that day and all of those things can give me an experience similar to being high.

    Are you getting sick? There is a nasty bug going around, or is getting high the only other physical thing that could make you feel that way?
  3. this has happened to me when i had first started smoking. I felt that i was still high. after about 3 days i felt that i was back to earth. it's kinda scary but it will wear off. I felt the same way after shrooms too.
  4. ...because your on an airplane?
  5. Before I started smoking on a regular basis like about 10 years ago I had similar experiances because I wasnt' a daily smoker I would notice the lingering effects for 4 or 5 days afterwards. Since then I've used cannabis everyday so I couldn't tell you.
  6. it will eventually wear off..
    unless you somehow smoked never-ending weed!!!
  7. i never had that experience when i first starting smoking, but if i dont eat sleep or drink enough fluids i get that bodily effect where you jsut feel "fucking out of it"
  8. ha never ending weed...but yea like i can feel it kinda getting less and less each day, it just seems like a long time for it to be stayin around cuz i know some people will still be in kinda like a haze the next day but not for like 5 days...but yea it seems like the more i think about it the worse it gets so i try not to think about it but it always comes back lol
  9. Honestly, if the more you think about it, the worse it is, I would have to wonder if it's psychological - that you aren't doing it to yourself. When you drink caffeine is your mind any clearer?

    I know my body had a hard time adjusting to being high when I first started smoking, I couldn't sit still, couldn't sleep, racing heart ... etc. But never anything like you are describing.
  10. Its probably all in your head...Just relax and keep smoking and it will go away!

  11. i have felt that way before, what did u do to chill out or make it go away?
  12. idk its just kinda like i forget to think about it, for lack of better terms i guess...but is there anything i can do to get rid of it or do i just wait it out and eventually ill just get back to normal?
  13. Get yourself focused on something else and eventually you'll just forget. It's how I make the paranoia go away when I'm super baked (but I don't get it that often to start with)

    Bananna, you will go back to feeling normal, just keep going on with your day to day life and eventually you'll either forget about it, or it will stop on it's own. You really have nothing to worry about, weed isn't like doing LSD where you can be having flashbacks for the rest of your life or permatrip.
  14. maybe u didnt inhale right and some smoke is stuck in your head
  15. high while on an airplane is a blast
  16. i had a similar experience.
    the first time i toked up remember feeling "buzzed" for nearly a week.
    just an overall sense of goodness, it was nice =]
  17. Dude this is completely natural! I remember my first\second time when i was at school i would have a feeling like i was dreaming and I would say something but couldnt remember if I really said it it will go away soon =) it actually feels good haha
  18. ya, call me high (lol) but the world was a prettier place for a week, i want that buzz back!
  19. I think worse is happening to me.. I rarely ever smoke. If i counted up all the times ive smoked, it would probably be alot.. but I don't do it erryday like most people. The last time i've smoked was probably a month ago. And it's more like weed changed me than i still feel it. I used to be shy and insecure, but now.. i dont even give a fuck. Maybe i still feel high. but i don't even know what i feel. At school, I don't realize what i say and i hella slurr and mumble on accident. i don't know whats wrong with me.. but i kinda like it:eek: so what i do, is just rarely do it but don't quit. you pretty much get used to it. And maybe it takes months or years for it ALL to get out of you , but why wait life is short and so make the best out of it:) and think before you doo, maybe if you don't like what is happening to you, you shouldn't of ever done it:cool: dont trip chick, yur good

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