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Why Do I Still Feel High?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by master_kief, Aug 4, 2014.

  1. I smoked at 11:30 today, just one bowl so I wasn't completely blazed or anything and now it's 8:30 and I still feel really spacey and I can't remember what I'm doing while I'm doing it and just stuff like that. Is it because it was my first time smoking a sativa in about 4 weeks? Sorry for the run on sentences and crap for you grammar nazis.

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  2. got too high :confused_2:
    take a nap
  3. Sometimes when I used to smoke weed I'd get high for a long time, if I smoked late at night I'd still feel it the next morning. Hey, it happens. Keep smoking and eventually you won't feel as high cause you're building your tolerance. Hope my reply helps :)

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  4. thanks

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  5. this is common if it's one of your first times ever toking. also common coming off your month long smoke break
  6. So you are saying that you were high for several hours. That is crazy. High should usually last around 2 hours max even with low tolerance. 
  7. Not necessarily high, but sometimes I still feel pretty spacey and mellow when I wake up the next day. It's nice :smoke:
  8. If I ever smoke a bowl early like noon or so. I always feel like crap after a few hours like I'm in a haze. I almost always try to smoke at night because I feel like your body needs to sleep after being high to get your body in mind back into a sober state.

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  9. I didn't say I was high I said I felt spacey and weird kind if like I was still high but I know I wasn't.

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  10. You still felt high because you still *were* high.
    And your tolerance is probably still low (good for you). 
    When I first started smoking regularly, I had some really seriously dank stuff and I'd smoke at bedtime and still feel a little high the next day. If I smoked during the day, it'd wipe me out all day. My main gig these days are edibles and that works all day long for me for heavy body stone/pain relief, whereas smoking just amuses me for two hours. But when I first started smoking, two hits or so would last me about 4-5 hours (with about 2 hours at absolute peak). 
    Now I do it every day and feel "normal" within hours.
  11. Doesn't really sound like you smoked too much. If you didn't eat, drink, or move around much today it may feel like a very very slight groggy buzz is released when you move. Try some stretches and go out and doing something, it should help it wear off.

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