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Why do I sometimes get so sick?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bobfletcher, Jul 7, 2011.

  1. If I smoke a little too much, and I mean just a little, I go from a comfortable high to extreme dizziness, feverish sweats, and a feeling like I'm gonna hurl. It's not like I get anymore higher when I break that threshold that makes me sick, I just start feeling like shit.

    I'm highly allergic to things. Am I allergic to weed?
  2. dont smoke as much? :confused_2:
  3. Lol, I don't think you can be "allergic" to weed. How about break it down. Smoke little by little over time one day, and figure out the place when your tolerance causes it to go overboard. Once discovered, don't smoke past the point. For me once I smoke about 4 fat bowls I'm almost too high for comfort.
  4. Simple, smoke less.
  5. Highly allergic to things? Well, weed isn't things. It's just something, so I kind of doubt it. It's too be big of a jump to go from things to just something.

    Idk, but I find it kind of iffy if you only have a handful of posts and start talking about how awfully sick you get. There seems to be a lot of these and none of them have sounded legit to me.

    I have a really week stomach, so maybe you do to? I can't eat chicken on the bone without gagging until I eventually throw up. Maybe you're just being paranoid? I've never heard of anyone being allergic to weed or having physical effects like this, except from forum users who only have a small handful of posts, so idk. No offence if this is legit, I'm just starting to find telling people to calm down/get real is redundant.
  6. You guys are probably right. It's just so annoying how my high can go so extremely bad at such small variations. The sweats today are what really got me nervous. My face was sopping. My shirt was drenched. I haven't had feverish sweats that radical since rocky mountain spotted fever lol

  7. yeeeeaaaahhhhh:confused:

    You're right. I'm a cop.:D

    Well, I don't have a weak stomach. That would make sense though. That's why this is so weird. My friends have never seen my reactions either. That's why I thought I'd ask more people. I don't get paranoid usually, and I sure as hell wasn't today. No offence, I don't need your advice to chill.
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    No worries if you're legit. The others just need to GTFO.

    I'm with the others as far as real advice goes though. Just slow down. It might just be that you're smoking too fast. Is it hot where you're at? If so, have you been staying hydrated? You might be dehydrated or something.

  9. Yay! You got nice! Haha, thanks for the advice, bud. It is not hot where I live, but that sounds interesting. Next time I smoke I'll drink a lot beforehand. For research! The betterment of mankind!:smoke:

    Peace fellas!
  10. #10 Verdurous, Jul 7, 2011
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    I'm always nice. lol No matter how stoney faced or murderous I seem, I'm still at most an easy 2 sentences away from laughing myself into a coma.

    Don't drink too much water though! :eek: If you're feeling queasy after smoking, it might just make you actually throw up a bunch of water.
  11. smoke slow. drink a sip or so after each hit. try taking smaller hits. and I heard that swallowing the smoke can make u throw up? I throw up if I go a while without smoking then smoke like 4 blunts.. maybe it's the way you smoke? I mean blunts have tobbacoo that will get u nauseous if your not used to it.. maybe your sick from something else? idk. I hope you have some more enjoyable highs..

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