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Why do I have the feeling of......

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Blunt Visions, May 13, 2010.

  1. I have been smoking for 6 months now (so I guess i'm still a noob) and whenever I smoke good dank I always have this feeling that I've pissed myself. Lol, so whenever nobody is looking I grab my crouch to see if I did. What causes me to feel this way? Is it one of the side affects or what because some of my friends look at me weird whenever I tell them this.
  2. :poke:

    Never happened to me.
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    Well, you do have Cannabinoid receptors in the belly region, if you are talking about a feeling in your abdomen....I used to get the feeling that i needed to burp when I smoked, but that's gone.

    Weed can affect different people different ways. It will not, however, actually make you pee your pants.

    Maybe you get so stoned you forget to pee? It would have to be some dank nasty...

    EDIT: ^^Yeah, weird face here as well. Thought I'd try to give some answer lolz.
  4. I take that back. It happens sometimes when I smoke good dank, not always. The last time it happened was when smoked Sour D in a blunt. I was pretty faded. Really, this has never happened to anyone?
  5. Happened to me one time in mcdonalds. Was my second time smoking a few years ago and me and one homie smoked a blunt with .7 in it. I ended up going to the bathroom six times and I even got a few drops of piss in my drawers. Craziest high ever, I thought my hands were breaking cuz of lazer radiation beams from my phone and that a whole crowd had gathered behind me to watch me eat, and then later I thought I went blind. It was scary as hell at the time but now its hilarious.
  6. You may be describing a feeling that other people get, but describing it in a different way.

    Another thing is that you may have this feeling when you get REALLY stoned because weed can cause a bit of paranoia in some people, meaning you think too much into how your body is feeling. Just breath, relax, and take a piss if you have to! :smoking:
  7. My first time EVER smoking, i was with some of my best friends. Once we were all really high, one of them goes, "Dude! did you just piss yourself??" As soon as he said that i literally felt like i pissed myself. I looked down, but i didn't. Based from my experience i think we experienced the same thing and i think its all in your head. Now everytime im super super baked, doens't happen to often, i get the same feeling. No worries man, its normal to some people.
  8. Holy shit this happens to me man too!!I know exactly what your talking about, I don't get the feeling much caused I realized that's all I focused on which made the bud transfix on that thought you I said fuck it I didn't piss myself and forgot about it pretty much, just check once and if your dry then it's all good.
  9. I get it sometimes man it feels like your inner thighs are wet right!! Ha. Weird.
  10. Hahah and I thought I was the only one! Good to see someone else experiences this too. I've been smoking for roughly a year and once in a while when I get super stoned I feel this :smoking:
  11. LOL@!!!!
    i gotta friend whos always askin me if he pissed himself when were stoned
  12. Shit happens to me sometimes.
  13. yeah dude. you have receptors in the urethra tract. right now you're just tickling those receptors when you smoke normally. if you stick the blunt up your dick, it'll be the most intense high of your life.
  14. I get that too man, not alot, but still. if I forgot to pee at all, and I start thinking about taking a piss, I start buggin, and I think I peed myself. and then its the only thing on my mind, and i have to piss really bad. Most of the time I don't really have to pee that bad, and just go piss a few drops. I think it's just you think about having to pee so much, your body starts to react to the mind?

    It only seems to happen when I smoke crazy good weed, some of that shit gets you fucked up. I smoked some stuff I got from my friend Mitch yesterday and I'm still feeling hazy(granted, I didn't sleep too great last night, sometimes weed makes me super tired, but uncomfortable at the same time)! took a few hits ( I packed it once, so figure 3 decent hits, a fourth of mostly half cashed weed) outta my chillum and was dancing around my kitchen singin 50 cent.

    Thats the same shit that made me think I had to piss. I think it depends on the weed. sometimes it chills you the fuck out and you don't worry about shit, and sometimes you start feeling all these weird feelings in your body, like you have to pee, or your having a heart attack. Probs related to the strain.
  15. Its good to hear i'm not the only one who experiences this, haha.
  16. HAHA lol i remember back in the day when we first started smoking, we smoked 3 cones (3bowls) between two people behind my pool at my house. after we had our sesh we were walking to the pool and my friend said "I think i just shat my self" i said o shit i think i PISSED MY SELF!" needless to say we were just really high lol
  17. my hand always feels wet

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