Why do I have a whole in my stem???HELP!!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Joben76, Apr 6, 2006.

  1. So I noticed a 2" slit in the middle lower half of my main stem,:confused: How did this happen?What caused it? Is it still good? the plant looks alright still. And as bad of a question as this is... How can I make one of my plants stop from getting taller without hurting it at all... Almost 6 feet is getting too big for my 1st time closet grow. Suggestions comments please!!!!

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  2. OK... SO I AM A PROUD SMOKER AND FORGOT HOW TO SPELL THE WORD "HOLE", (in my title) Wow.,, I sure love smoking. See everyone im a dumb beginner and need help! hahaha:wave:
  3. I can't tell you what caused it but i will say your plant doesn't seem to mind.

    As for the whole 6' thing. I dunno if it's too late to LST. maybe get some dow rods

    and try to LST it towards the top. I dunno, anyone else got any suggestions?
  4. the hole is nothing to worry about, a similar thing happened to mine and iy was the plant allowing a new branch to come out... it should seal itself...

    u could try topping ur plant... this will stop it growing up and make it more bushy!
  5. Alright, well the plant still looks alright, so im not going to worry about it. Thanks for the response

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