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Why do I get so tired when I smoke indoors?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Warpclaw, Dec 11, 2011.

  1. #1 Warpclaw, Dec 11, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 11, 2011
    Ok so about half of all the times I smoked was indoors...given that, everytime i smoke indoors, I always feel so tired and I end up going to last night... However, everytime I smoked with my friends outside, i feel energetic as ever it because of the weed (since the only bud i use indoors is myfriends bud) or does smoking indoors v. Outdoors really have a factor in me getting so tired?
    Note: i did not use the same strain in doors as outdoors
  2. Outdoors youre getting tons of fresh oxygen so, maybe?

  3. But i leave my friends window open, and if we cant do it in his room, we go outdoors on his porch to smoke, so its still outdoors, but then we head inside
    Fuckin winter >.<
  4. it might just be that the heat is on and it's making you sleepy
    but hey first post! :hello:
  5. You're probably just comfortable. That or you're smoking different strains
  6. Yeah is it the same strain everytime that we are talking about here, OP?

  7. Yea thats what i meant in the first post, the strains I use indoors were never the same as I used outdoors, thats probably the reason :p
  8. Not probably. That's the reason.
  9. Like said before, it's because you are probably just sitting on a couch or comfy chair inside, where as when you're outside you are on your feet and staying active.
  10. Yea thanks guys, comfortableness definitely plays a role because I'm always on the bed playing cod in a low light area haha :p
  11. There actually is a reason for it...
    When you smoke weed it pulls you towards being as content as possible. If MOST factors help you become as relaxed as possible, nothing will stop you from just dazing off. Sleep is the first thing you want after you have fully enjoyed the high. But when you are outside, things are preventing you from being fully content (Possible bad climate, up and walking, not in front of a game, etc.). That causes you to stay active until you reach full relaxation... in which you will then become tired and fall asleep.
  12. Its because of the atmosphere. Inside smoking leads to you laying around doing nothing in either a comfy chair or bed. Outside smoking gives you no time to become completely comfortable, and you are usually too busy with doing something in order to comfortably lie down. Happens to me all the time, and the strains usually the same.

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