Why do i feel ugly when im high?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by BaxterTheDog, May 11, 2013.

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    Im not ugly but whenever i smoke I just feel like i look ugly as fuck haha. Does this happen to any of you guys?
  2. Ah...... No.....
  3. that cuz u some goofyy ass lookin' mofo ugly boy!

    just kidding, but seriously - I've never felt that way. check yourself in the mirror,
    if you're feeling a little sloppy, clean yourself up a bit.
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  4. I sometimes feel like that, but it's usually when I notice something when I'm sober (a stupid looking spot, hair being weird or some shit) and weed just amplifies it. You just need to get in the mindset of not giving a fuck.

    Not saying you should let your appearance go to shit, but just don't stress over things that are beyond your control.
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  5. Nah I feel more attractive just chillen smoking a j and doing smoke tricks. Bitches love smoke tricks:)
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  6. true true
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  7. Put a dress and make-up on, and stand in front of a mirror telling yourself how pretty you are. Especially if you're male.
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  8. It works wonders.
  9. Its called paranoia, it expresses itself in different ways for different people
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  10. Weed can make you way overthink things and get upset much easier over them. All you have to do is realize you're only thinking those thoughts because you are high and that it's not actually yourself thinking that way it's caused by a catalyst. This way the negative thoughts are not your own and you can actively think and stop yourself from feeling that way.
  11. You are probably self conscious in general, and just don't think about it or notice as much as you do when you're high. When you're baked it's easy to run your brain in circles and focus on a specific thing, whether it be how weird hands are or the fact that that pimple under your nose is huge. When sober, you notice, then move on.

    Just out of curiosity... when you're not high do you consider yourself very attractive or do you think you are average/plain? If the second, I'd go w/ it being a confidence issue that is just more noticeable when you're smoking.
  12. Do you feel ugly when sober op?
  13. It used to happen to me, and I realized it was because I was insecure while sober (even though I rarely felt 'ugly' when sober). I started exercising and taking care of myself a lot more and now it doesn't happen anymore :)
  14. I actually feel more confidant and attractive while high, but I do tend to notice more faults, like I become obsessed with making sure my hair looks just right then spend like 2 hours fixing it because one hair fell out of place.
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    lol no
  16. I feel the opposite. When I'm high, I feel so pretty lol. Like all my selfies make me look like a different person. And when im sober, I'm like wow whos this cutie?
  17. I dont know about you but getting high makes me see the truth.
  18. also, fucking hilarious that you named yourself studley stoner and created this thread.
  19. If i'm not wearing make up yeah. I'll stare at myself in the mirror for ages thinking holy shit is that what i look like? I only wear a little bit of eyeliner usually so it's hardly a drastic change haha.
  20. [SUB]being stoned does make you gorgeous.....if not its beer goggles you need[/SUB]

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