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Why do I feel like this after I smoke?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Greyson6ix, Aug 9, 2017.

  1. So most of the time I smoke, after I come down from the high (like 5 hours later) I just feel really weird. It's like my head is heavy/foggy or like I have a headache but it doesn't really hurt. It's hard to explain but I just don't feel completely normal. Also, the weird thing is, I even feel weird into the next few days and if I keep going without smoking, it gets better. It feels like I'm still barely high or have a buzz and it goes away over time. It's really annoying though because this hasn't always happened and it makes me dread coming down from a high. Just a little bit more info... it can't be the strain because it happens no matter what I smoke and doesn't matter where I smoke

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  2. Haven't felt quite that way, personally, but I understand the foggy feeling. Try vaping instead. The high is very different from smoking, and it's even different between vaping flower and vaping concentrates.
  3. I Don't live where it's legal :/ so it's not as easy to get a vape and smoke it like that. I've only vaped one time and it was wax lol

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  4. Sounds like possible symptoms of Billyitis. It's been plaguing the younger folk around these forums for years now. So many young men and women lost... but not forgotten. Sad times, friend. :(
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  5. Yeah you feel after faded or burnt out a day later. This use to happen when I first started, the trick is to eat well and exercise as well as a good coffee. Or just smoke more weed.

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  6. Half the fun of being high after getting there is coming down. Kinda like why snowboarders go up mountainsides just to slide back down.

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