Why do i Feel bad about this?

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  1. About a month ago a GOOD buddy of mine stole something were not allowEd to talk about on here anymore from me valued at around 50 bucks. I called him out on it he swore up and down that he didn't do it. I tell everyone in our circle what he did. Everyone starts taxing him and he loses close friends. He calls me today and wants to make things right. He came over smoked a fat joint and gave me a hundred bucks. He genuinely felt bad and almost cried. I feel bad about taking a hundred bucks from him...Why?
  2. You hear that little voice sitting, chirping away, right there on your shoulder?


    Flick it off, get rid of it; it won't help you LK
  3. what if in a month you find said unmentionables under your couch? Does he seem sincere about it?
  4. if he really stole it I would not feel bad at all. Does he think he did it?
  5. He admitted he did thats why he paid me...
  6. You should use part of that 100 bucks on him man. Rekindle that friendship, he wouldnt have given you the money if he didnt still want to be friends. Buy a sack of dope and chil somewhere, or maybe go out for some beer or dinner or something.
  7. fuck that motherfucker....he stole from you.............

    I had these guys who I worked with that came to see me after my surgery a few years ago. When they left a whole bottle of 90 dilaudids was missing......I called my one boy and he swore he knew nothing about it........well I gave it two days and called work and told them to drug test them......they all turned up positive.......so they got fired and they are not my friends any longer........I put the word out and everyone has abandoned them as far as friends and or job opportunities go. I live in a very small area in a very small town in a very large valley if you get what I mean..........they are dead to me............one guy tried to make it right but fuck him how can you make that right? I just had fuckin surgery and they stole my pain meds from me. FUCK EM'.
  8. Fuck that.

    When the shit hits the fan he will steal again.

    I would let everyone else know that he made it as right as possible so they stop being total pricks to him, but I'm not about to keep hanging out with some asshole that stole from me.

    That 'turn the other cheek' thing may work for Jesus but in Real Life it will screw you over while someone laughs at what a dumbass you were to trust them.
  9. you feel bad cuz you didnt wanna see him tear up, seems like you care about him, and it also seems like he learned from his mistake, not a lot of people in this world man up like your friend did
  10. Anyone that steals from a quote on quote "friend" then they are no longer friends in my book. But who am I to judge said person. So I will not. I think thats really cool of your friend to give you the $100 and say sorry etc. You know your friend better than we do. If its a long term friendship then maybe consider re- being friends and hope he won't do it again. But if hes some friend you met like a couple years ago then naw get rid of his ass!
    Good Luck OP, sorry to hear
  11. Humans make mistakes. He confessed and paid you back double what he stole from you. Live and forget, buy a 50 sack of bud and keep the other 50 for yourself. Then proceed to smoke out all of your friends (but make sure to keep some for yourself, hehe)

  12. After my Scoliosis surgery a few months ago, I had a large bottle of narcotic pain killers. Needless to say, they were stolen. I tell a homie, homie gives me "Friend's" wallet, weed, and my pain killers.

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