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Why do I always feel like this after I smoke?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by TyroneMane, Jul 5, 2017.

  1. So I started smoking a few months ago and at first, I would only smoke on the weekends. But for the past month or two, I have been smoking multiple times a week and some weeks, almost everyday. Now, after I smoke and the high goes away for the most part, I just feel dizzy, lightheaded, and like I'm still barely high. Like if I close my eyes and think about it, I still feel a little high and everything just feels weird. This feeling even stays with me for a day or two later and it's really annoying. Before, I would just smoke and it would stay at the most 4-5 hours and I would be completely normal again and not feeling any type of high. This has only been happening for like the past 3 weeks. What should I do about it? because it makes me not want to smoke
  2. That happens to me if I smoke too much, I think the only way to avoid it is smoking less but that also means a smaller high.

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  3. Im inclined to ask if youve been smoking out of a different piece or something, maybe a homemade one? Not trying to be a prick, its just sometimes new smokers build good homemade pieces out of dangerous materials

    Otherwise, it sounds to me like you might be getting high CBD medical bud from your dealer....where do you live?
  4. To be blunt the law is called diminishing returns and the residual effect of lethargy is congruent to complacency of time management.

    To be thorough I would have to know what strain(s) you are smoking and how your environment affects your intake.
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  5. That's why I use weed to help me sleep. In my case it doesn't spill over into the next day as it does with you.
  6. Sadly, this is probably because of your cannibanoid receptor sites shutting down as your brain tries to find equilibrium with the flood of THC. The more often you smoke the less potent the effects will be but the more long-lasting, it seems. Switching up strains and consumption methods helps this, but the only thing that really restores sensitivity is a tolerance break.
  7. That same thing happened to me back in the 90s when dudes used to put stuff in the weed to make it kick more. I'd say there are some type of contaminants in the weed maybe. Try changing your weed suppliers

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  8. It happens no matter who i get it from so ‍♂️
  9. How do i prevent it from happening again though?
  10. Any more answers?
  11. The quest for a bigger and better high will lead you down risky paths.

    Don't be a statistic.
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  12. What?
  13. Ignore him, he was probably baked when he typed that. That's total bullocks.

    Anyways, I think it comes down to you at the end of the day. DON'T put ur focus on the "feeling", do what you do and try to ignore it. You'll eventually get into your day and forget the feeling. A tolerance break is also a good suggestion. You probably have a little bit of THC floating around in ur system that is causing this "mild high". The more you smoke the longer it'll last. So it's either a tolerance break or just try to ignore it. I know saying "ignore it" is easier said than done; however, by putting more attention to it, you're only amplifying the feeling and making your life worse.
  14. Cannabis is a mystery in terms of how it affects users. As stated before THC affects your endocannabinoid system, with different cannabinoids affecting different reseptors, it could theoretically be as simple as taking a tolerance break as other have stated. It could also just be the weed. It could be your diet. There are many factors that play in and as I stated the effects of cannabis are different for everyone. It could just be how you experience those cannabinoids
  15. Try taking a week or two off or try toking every other day. Maybe just smoke at night then see how you feel when you wake up.
  16. Really?

    Think about it smart guy. You have the brains.
  17. Lmfao.
  18. Well I can always ignore it when I am distracted by talking, watching tv, driving, etc. but I don't think I can even just fully ignore it on my own. It's too much of a distraction. So I guess I'm gonna be going on a break to see what that does
  19. I wasn't always like this is the weird thing. Also, it can't be the weed because I've tried multiple different strains and they all do this. I'm not sure about the diet though
  20. You smoking too much and your blood is flooded with THC. Your entire system. ThT feeling y describe used to happen when I would smoke alot out of habit or as a nervous tick..
    When you do this you eventually smoke more and more frequently which raises your tolerance limit...
    If this is in fact the case...
    1. Smoke a danker grade
    2. Take tolerance break...
    3. Some Reggie for a while which will still get you high and bring your tolerance back down...
    4. Change your intake method...
    Dab, edibles, vape, e-cigarette, gravity bong, spliff...
    Mixin it up helps
    If you smoke to much you don't get high you can probably smell the thc strongly in your urine and even sweat for some people...
    I'm not sure why but after smoking the brand name dank strains for a while I need to do one of the above because the high gradually gets less intense.
    I'm broken so I can afford all that fancy stuff...
    I try to stick to Reggie and mids so I know I can always fall back on dank when things get rough...

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