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Why do I always feel like shit in the morning?

Discussion in 'General' started by tokinbud420, Sep 20, 2010.

  1. I don't know where to put this, so mods move it as you see fit

    so yea I usually go to sleep at around 11 or something and wake up around 6

    When I wake up my stomach feels like a pit, and not in a good way, I just feel like straight shit, I dont know whether its cause I'm hungry or not cause when I try to eat it feels like there's a wall blocking the food from going down no matter how hard I try to swallow it. Note this ONLY happens in the mornings, lunch time and on i'm fine

    this has been going on for a while and frankly i'm fuckin sick of it, I hate waking up in the mornings because of it

    any info/help/anything would be greatly appreciated
  2. Cause mornings suck dick haha.

    I usually do workout right when i wake up andd then shower and then eat, cause right when i wake up im not hungry either.

    I go to sleep at 10 and wake up at 5. :p
  3. Cortisol!

    Maybe anyways....

    I think it peaks around 8-8:30.

    It helps you deal with stress and the day.

  4. whats cortisol? it sounds like a pill
  5. So it's just natural for me to feel like shit in the morning? damn you science!
  6. the same thing happens to me man. every morning for the past like 6 years, when i wake up i feel like puking.
    went and got my blood drawn and turns out i have a stomach ulcer:(
    they gave me like 4 antibiotics but they dont work. a nice wake and bake always fixes the problem for me tho

  7. ditto, that's why i hate when I dont have any bud, falling asleep is a bitch and so is waking up :cry:
  8. i used to feel like that, i just stopped getting mega baked before bed. that seemed to fix the problem. a wake n' bake works too though.:smoking:
  9. Same shit happened to me every day junior and senior year. Smoking does help though no doubt, takes about an hour to kick in though. Your lucky though, because I actually did throw up every morning and could not control it. Turns out I had a hiatal hernia, and a gaping sphincter. It actually was a big deal. Just smoke and it should help this problem.
  10. Well I left out that I have thrown up a few times because of it, but it took like 20 minutes for me to throw up, shits weird
  11. Do you eat before you go to sleep?
  12. weed hangover? alcohol hangover?

    or if you're taking a multivitamin, they make me sick.
  13. Surprised you were the first to mention something like this. It could be caused by something you're doing at night before you go to bed, possibly munchies.
  14. to answer questions

    sometimes i eat before bed, drink mad juice though, could that do it?

    and i don't take multivitamins so no on that

    i just picked up some bud so i'll see if i feel good tomorrow after a wake n bake

    feel nice now
  15. I wish I knew what made me do this, I have the same problem. Its always been this way, way before I started tokin'. If i get up anytime before like 8 or 9 I feel like absolute shit, like i was run over by a train or something, stomach hurts, only thing that fixes it is wake and bake but no bud :(
  16. Sure you just don't need to take a shit in the morning?
  17. im not your mother, but did you get your 8 hours?
  18. Underlying anxiety condition?

    I get this is the morning too. But i have anxiety pretty much every day. Anxiety related nausea/Cortisol.
    The mornings are the worst. I find as others have said that working out in the morning definitely helps. I just jump on the Wii fit or go for a run. Makes me feel a whole lot better. Unfortunately it's hard to motivate yourself to exercise when you feel shit. So i don't do it everyday.

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