Why Do Guys Not Like To Play Video Games With Girls?

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  1. I always hear guys say it's super hot when a girl plates video games, but none of the guys I know will play them with their girls? Or with girls period. What's up with this? Lol
  2. I don't like playing with ANYONE. My screen isn't big enough. If I play, it's only for a quick bit, and I want to focus on the screen/game alone. 
  3. Because they are secretly worried about how a girl might beat them at video games same way they are secretly worried that if a penis goes in their butthole they might like it. Of course this analogy presumes we are talking about straight men here.
  4. Haha that makes sense I guess.
  5. Not speaking for myself here - I game with my lady.
    Is it the girls who are uninterested in playing? Either that, or they moan when you best them in a game. And co-op is frustrating because that's a lot of dead weight to carry around. Girls who game are the minority.
    Yeah it's not like I would have a problem playing games with girls but they generally don't play very often and are therefore not that good which leaves you with two separate but equally problematic situations:
    Competitive: You either kick her ass or ease up so she feels like she has a chance which makes it not much fun for you.
    Co-op: Having to basically be twice as good to make up for her ineffectiveness or play on an easier difficulty which isn't much fun either.
    It's not like there aren't girls that are good at playing games and fun to play with but they are certainly in the minority. Something I've noticed is they almost always have older brothers or younger brothers very close to them in age. 
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    Because they hate it when we are better then them! lol, this guy I know hates it when I hide and then stab him on call of duty Lmao he gets so pissed Lmao.

    Edit ^^^ very true I have an older brother who introduced me to it, so i've playing shooting games since I was 12.
  8. I didn't have any brothers but my birth mom was a lesbian and a gamer~
  9. My dad always taught me to watch my mouth around women, That cant happen while playing COD
  10. When I played xbox live with a few buddies and I had a girl over I would usually just let her talk on the headset while I gamed away. I wasn't gonna let her ruin my k/d ratio and it was pretty funny to see her react when a little kid would talk shit to her over live. I def get into a chick who is skilled in super smash bros though...
    I mean I'm not turned on by a chick who is good at call of duty or a sports game, but if she kicks my ass in some ssb on the 64 then we best be alone because that is the type of girl you respect all night long
  11. True haha, I'm good at vid games and when I best my bf he doesnt wanna play anymore >(
  12. I enjoy playing adult sims and having virtual sex with the girl.
  13. Because I hate having to tell them where to go. How to use a weapon. What button to push and so forth. I just don't like to watch the struggle and the bitching.
    Yeah usually they're better at watching
  15. Okay but what of she really wants you to help her get good?
  16. Then I say she is super desperate for the d  :confused_2:
  17. If I had a girl who wanted to play games, that would so dope. But all the girls I've been with dont really play em.
  18. Sit her down next to my nephew and say watch
    And learn ?
  19. I like to play video games with anyone, girls included...
  20. Because they suck! I have never met a girl "gamer" that was remotely capable. And I'm not that great, acceptable at most.

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