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why do girls hate condoms?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by Sovereign Psyche, Feb 15, 2010.

  1. #1 Sovereign Psyche, Feb 15, 2010
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    so we all know why guys hate condoms...it blocks the nerves of the dick and makes you not be able to feel as much...pretty much a no-brainer.

    but why do girls hate condoms? youd think itd feel pretty much the same; its not blocking your nerves so its not that. the only thing i can think of is if its just psyching you out b/c it doesnt feel as "real."
    even then, you still see the guy thrusting you, plus you still feel all the mambajamba

    unconfuse me ladies
  2. Me and my girl both hate condoms... I hate em cuz well raw dawgin' it is nothing compared to sex with a condom....

    She hates it pretty much for the same reason. Having a latex dick fucking your, verses a naked dick fucking you.
  3. i vote for the pill
  4. Because we can't really "feel" the guy so it doesn't feel as good as it should. Though I used to use Trojan Ultra Thins with my ex and I was able to feel him so I didn't mind. But yeah pretty much the same reason as guys, it doesn't feel as good as it could without one.
  5. From what I have been told in the past. It just doesn't feel the same...
  6. I can't stand the feeling of being fucked by a dude with a condom. It just really bothers me. Without it, it creates friction, and that's what feels so good. So I vote for the whole heavy birth control and having safe partners deal.
  7. I understand and use condoms, but raw sex does feel better. It's like the difference between having someone rub your shoulder with latex gloves on v.s. just their hands.

  8. Or as my grandfather use to say...."washing your feet with your sox on"
  9. Personally, latex condoms irritate me, but this is a relatively new development I don't know much about. Just started happening one day. In any case before that condoms were much less fun to use, haha. The feeling is totally different, you're so much closer without one.

    I think just people in general dislike condoms. Unless they're a married couple with kids who don't ever use condoms, cause those people really like condoms.
  10. That shit fucking hurts. Sometimes, the condoms will move when you're pulling out and it's kind of like a rubberband snapping on your vagina.

    It's not pleasant and i may be a little biased (since I'm allergic to latex, mildly), but the shit isn't okay.
  11. The smell of latex distracts me. I don't really have anything against them other than that. Obviously nothing can beat the feeling of doing it naturally, but I'd rather use one than the pill. I don't want to fuck over my hormones.
  12. First of all, it is a total buzzkill. I hate condoms because when I want to feel a dick, I want to feel a dick. period. I do not suck on lollipops with the wrapper on 'em.
  13. This is news to me......


    ^^ that was an awesome first post..
  14. I lost a condom inside a femalian once. She freaked me out when she came out of the shower with a condom in her hand and a quizzical/scared expression on her face. That was awkward. Gotta love those kegels. :smoking:

  15. I don't like the pill either.

    Instead I use them lambskin things or the polyurethane condoms. The lambskin feel like nothing and they don't have any weird plastic feeling.
  16. Was your vagina drunk? Did you think
    it’s the thinnest condom on earth I
    have on? I’m a fuckin’ inventor? I
    made a dick-skin condom? He hollowed
    out a penis and put it on? What the

  17. What?
  18. Its from knocked up i believe, could be wrong but im 99% sure :smoking:
  19. Yeah, it definitely is, it was awesome lol
  20. Hm, condoms don't really bother me at all. With my current boyfriend I can't feel the difference, but in the past the difference really was only minor. It wasn't enough to stop me from enjoying myself.

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