Why do cops act like this???

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  1. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KyAtM0pfxdc&feature=related]This Crip On Beyond Scared Straight Don't Give A F ck - YouTube[/ame]

    the cop that came in after the other dude left was cool but the first two were cunts.
  2. They act like that because they can....

    Its sucks, but once your in jail/prison, they r able to treat you like the "dogs" you are, Its kinda like a "pound" with cats and dogs..

    So that kid was only 16 and He was just getting a tour of what jail/prison would be like?? Lol

  3. yea lol show called beyond scared straight they take kids into prison and show them what its like

    but yea i understand that but the thing was i got into some shit like that when i was 15 cop being a dick just like that...then he hit me and i hit him back and got arrested ....its fucking gay
  4. Shows funny as fuck when they yell at the kids
  5. Because of what they have to deal with on a daily basis & the way they're treated by society in general.
    The old timers I've run into have been mostly ok, it's the young ones that're out to prove something just like the one in the video.
    You couldn't pay me enough to be a cop. In their profession they have some of the highest rates for alcoholism, drug abuse & suicide.
    Their job turns them into haters. Sad but true.
  6. My best friends dad is a cop. He's a very cool but kinda strict dude. Cops are just like people and a lot of them go into that job because they have problems with BEING WRONG. No matter what the issue is my friends dad is always right, and always will be. Just the way he thinks and to support this he joined the force so people don't disagree. Cops do the things they do because they can and there doesn't seem to be a lot of cops who actually are concerned with the morals of others in the police force.
  7. fuck those two rent-a-cops. CO's aint shit. acting all tough an shit....
  8. This is a tour of prison, so the kid is supposed to comply and be afraid of these bullies? Their "house" is paid for by our taxes, imprisoning many innocent people.

    That cop so confidently telling the kid he'd "see him in a year", makes me think he'll hunt the kid down and frame him for possession or something of that nature. I wouldn't put it past the cop to want his "get back".
  9. My friends and I watched that shit and were laughing our asses off.

    They had the kids up against the wall getting yelled at from tanks of 30-40 in general. The one kid called some guy who was almost seven foot tall a bitch then the tall guy demands to have the his shoes. The guards start telling him to give him the shoes and the kid doesn't want to do it. Then the guards basicly tell him that if he was in the tank and didn't give the shoes he'd probably get killed or worse.

    So he took the shoes off after the guards threatened to put him in the tank. I like how you can tell they promised good treatment/a reward to the prisoners that helped. Because when they opened the door and faked pushing the kid into the tank NONE of the prisoners wanted to touch him, they all backed off while kind of acting like they were mad. :D
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    Man that little fuck talking so much shit, but just wait til he's a prison bitch getting handled by dudes who's arms are bigger than his waist. Probably wouldn't last a day.
  11. ^ Yeah thats no joke. I had a roomate that would act like a dog trapped in a corner if you walked in and scared him. Or if you walked into the bathroom thinking noone was there. The one day he was digging around in his drawer and I came in through the door.... Dude grabbed a desk lamp and got ready to swing even though I was like ten feet away.

    Never asked him anything actually happened but I bet it did.
  12. Power brings out the worst in people.

    Cops think their badges give them power, thus bringing out the true dick in them.

  13. I've read about that experiment before,I suggest y'all should read the wiki,I found the results on the experiment quite interesting.I mean at one point the (acting) prisoner actually thought they were in jail,cause a little riot and the (acting)guards actually thought they were really guards and were abusing the power.It makes you think would you go corrupt if you had power over other human beings.

    Also if you found the experiment above interesting check out this: Milgram experiment - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    I'm not sure how to explain the experiment but its worth the read.

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