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Why Do Americans? Part 2

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by weedboss, Jun 29, 2003.

  1. How do you guys eat so much, Americans are well known to eat so much. I was watching a video my cousin done of him going to Boston and he was recording the family he was with and the amount of food they had on there table and the kinda stuff they were serving in the restaraunts out there too. Don't you guys ever feel full up? :D
  2. Because americans like it fat dumb and happy. I think we've been exposed to so much advertising that says basically "go eat our products now" that people obey. Maybe it's cause we learn to be consumers of product and relate the same concept to other tangibles.
  3. I don't think that we eat anymore than other people, instead I think its just that we are picky and wasteful.

    We are big fans of picking over food and taking only the choicest bits. For example, buying a pizza and not eating the crust ...or eating chicken but leaving the skin.

    I think we give the illusion of eating a lot when really we throw like a third of the food we buy right into the trash.
  4. I don't know, i was in France last summer and there were about 4-5 courses per meal. I don't think i've ever eaten that much in my life, and it wasn't just dumb americans eating too much, we were staying with french friends who kept stuffing us. Though i have to admit the food we ate was ALOT healthier (and better tasting) than what i am accustomed to here. I'm sure it didn't have the chemicals and steriods we have in our food either. well im not really sure where this rambling is going, and what would I know anyway, i am just a fat american :smoking:
  5. its not that we eat so much..... its that were lazy and just eat really bad
  6. We eat what we like instead of what is good for us..

    Southern cooking is good to the taste. It makes you want more and more till you over eat. The servings get bigger and so do the people. If we were to eat stuff that wasn't as good tasting, we wouldn't eat so much!!!!!

    Just an observation for an American!!!!!
  7. I'd say to many restaurants and too much advertising, obviously Americans are gonna eat all the lastest tasty stuff, Bottom line Americans can out munch n e 1!
  8. Do you have any idea how hard it is not to eat working at Cracker Barrel? All that wonderful southern food just waiting to clog someone's arteries and I have to carry it out to some rude redneck and smile while doing it. I need something fried and I need it now. (Oh btw, I eat plenty and have weighed 145 for a year and a half.)
  9. my grandparents are polish (so that makes me half polish) and whenevr i go to visit them, they give me so much food! every few minutes, it's like "would you like some of these cakes? how about some more piriogi?"

    and still, after 18 years of being well fed, i only weigh 8 stone!

    as for america... i really have no idea why they're all so fat...

    lol. did i say all? :D
  10. why not..... hey.... if it taste it.... :D
  11. You alright there m8?
    Avin a good 1 m8?
    Nice 1 m8! :)
  12. but the sheer volume of food you get a restaurant is disgusting. its a good deal, but still.

    you go to a nice restaurant, order a steak, and for 5$ you get like 20 oz steak, 4 lbs of mashed potatoes, a tub of coleslaw the size of your head, and like a 7 litre drink.

    all americans need to do to slim up, is some good ol home cooking. its almost hard to make a meal thats unhealthy when you go to the store and actually buy ingredients and make dinner.

    (and no, Kraft Dinner and a Box of Chicken Nuggets are not ingredients.)
  13. Very good points!

    For lunch today I am having............

    Brocoli, cauliflower, carrots, peppers, and onions ........Stirfried!!!!!!!!

    Now that is some great food!!!!!!
  14. why do we eat so much? cuz we can.
  15. truth of the matter is... its all in the aromatic chemicals and all manner of little bits of chemical wizardry to make you eat more. like monosodiumglutamate. heck, even like caffiene.

    ever hear of the Drug in Food Administration?
  16. I was in the southwest this one time, and there was this woman who had fat hanging about 7 inches from her arm, it was discusting. she reached over this woman to get something and the fat was all smooshed on her head. It probly should have inspired me to lose wieght, but it didnt.

  17. I frickin wish you could get that for five dollars, poverty and hunger would be nonexistent in america.

    Like Luke said, that meals gonna cost you at least 20 bucks.

    I tend to eat a lot of noodles and pizza, well, not a lot, but enough so that I'm not hungry any more.
  18. the media concentrates on the bigger people so thats what people see, although i admit there are quite a few of them.

    i recently realized that i was a bit over weight and decided to lost some weight. Mind you, im naturally a big guy so i can lose much(im concetrating on chest and stomach.)
  19. Most americans are sheep and do whatever they're told because its the 'cool' thing to do. i really wanna move out of this country.

  20. ...right..I forgot how "cool" being fat is ... :rolleyes:

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