Why do all modern games rely on murder for fun?

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  1. Why is murder at the heart of every game being released now? Why arnt they more games that dont involve killing someone or something. slaughtering thousands of people or things that dont look like you cant be the only way to have fun in video games...

    what games out there dont involve killing and are fun to play
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    IDK...but it kinda....kinda makes me want to....you know...kill something....IRL. Anything really, it just has to be able to die. JK


    1.) Its an easy concept. Make the story about a war, rebellion, etc. Fight in war. Player immediately knows to kill other side.

    2.) It sells. $$$

    Games that don't involve killing that I can think of:
    Mario Kart 64 (Does involve hitting each other, road rage, sometimes even falling in lava, etc.)
    Pokemon (You do attack other living things and knock them out, sometimes you capture them and never release them, etc.)
    Any racing game actually, like Forza or Need For Speed (Not Burnout though, that involves massive car pile ups that you get points for)

    Sorry dude, but a video game without violence? Good luck
  3. There is violence in 99.9% of videogames.

    In Kirby, you fucking ate people.

    Mario, you stomped on these little dudes heads and killed them, set stuff on fire, etc.

    Videgame violence is just that, videogame violence. You shoot someone in the dome with your sniper, and they'll respawn in 10 seconds. You didn't kill anything.

    The way I look at it, any game with no violence, you can just actually go do it. A game about bowling? Just go bowl. Videogames are successful because they let us do things we can't normally do, like beat the shit out of stuff.
  4. Grand Theft Auto 4 is a great alternative to violent video games
  5. Black and White 1 and 2 was a games where you were you were a God and had a creature and chose to be good or bad. You could go through the game without killing (you might by accident) a soul or fuck around with everything in your path.

    Other than that, sports and racing games(I got DiRT 2 which is pretty fun). Sudoku? Not many I can think of.
  6. Madden 11, skate, mario party, ssx tricky , NBA street, mario kart double dash, pokemon stadium, wave race, wcw nitro, zelda

    Gotta have an xbox 360, ps2, game cube and an N64 but it's all g.
  7. Violence, drugs and sex sells.
  8. War and murder has been prominent in human history since the very beginning.

    But for video games, it's more about achieving the goal to get to the next level. If killing a bunch of computer generated 'bad people' to get to the next level, then I'm going to kill them all.

    Basically you're trippin.
  9. Not to mention what else can you do besides violent, and sports games?

    Broad question. Not meaning what can you DO, more like what else is there to play? Super Mario is fun for only so long. But look at online MMOs, you kill a boss and get phat gear. But I guess it's not violent in ways of getting a machete and going to town.

    And for the other reason that violence sells. Not to mention imo violent video games just happen to be the best designed, and polished video games.
  10. Think about everything that people find entertaining. People have found violence entertaining since to dawn of time. Of course now in days we just dont have to make it real which is good. People go to the movies to watch action and play games for an epic story of conflict. For there to be any story or entertainment, there must be conflict.
  11. Seriously OP? Like "murder" hasn't been at the very heart of video games for the last 30+ years?

    Pac-Man - murder by cannibalism while high on pills

    Space Invaders - murder by frickin' laser beam

    Donkey Kong - murder by barrels

    Castle Wolfenstein - murder by WWII weapons

    Street Fighter - murder by insane combo moves

    Frogger - murder by heavy machinery

    I mean seriously, just because graphics have gotten 100x better in the last 30 years doesn't mean the basic concept of kill or be killed has somehow gone away.
  12. beautiful katamari
    gran turismo
    endless ocean
    pro evolution (tons of sports games for that matter)

    The list goes on.
    Find a new newspaper.
  13. murder sells be cause we all want it its what humans do.but in these modern times the only people that can do that legally is soliders deep down every man wants to be a gi joe marine or solider.killing is taboo there for we want to do it
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    good answers. Im not against violence in video games dudes i just think its strange that most games coming out these days involve you murdering thousands of people.

    I think you guys are wrong about video games with no violence not selling well. its just that no body has made a real attempt at a game like that because it would be risky. have you guys played kinect adventures? that shit is way more fun than call of duty and involves no murder lol.

    I can think of a ton of adventure style games that wouldnt require mass murder.
  15. the Sims

    what son.

  16. im fuckin josef fritzl on the sims
  17. Murder is fun, plain and simple. It also appeals to the very primal instinct inside of us to survive. It's us, or them.
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    It's not just modern games. Not even just video games. Roman Coliseum ring a bell? Gladiators and ish? Murder has always been a sport/game. Only now it's sort of evolved to fake murder. In U.S. history, it started with Cowboys and Indians. Tons of kids played that. Then came cops and robbers. Tons of kids played that. We've gotten to this stage of FPS now. Next will be virtual reality shooters.
  19. A lot of adventure games don't rely on murder or killing, check 'em out.
  20. LittleBigPlanet :hello::hello::hello:

    but GTA is just sooo much fun.

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