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why didnt it work?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by RUFFLZ, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. me and all my buddies planned on doing edibles yesterday. it was my first time so i was excited to see what it was like. we had cupcakes and they the icing had budder in it. they didnt taste good at all (we could taste the weed) and we thought theyd kick in in about an hour and full effect at 2 hours. after 2 hours of no effect we texted the guy and he told us if u ate it would be around 2-4 hours. we took em at 8pm and i left my friends house at 1am feeling nothing.
    i would think that if any weed was in the cupcake we would feel SOMETHING.
    anyone no wat happened?
    good thing is i didnt pay for them so no loss for me.

    also the guy we got it from is one of our friends that we buy from all the time so hes pretty reliable.
  2. Some people just don't do well with edibles. They make me pass right out, my buddy doesn't get affected by them, a girl i know gets blasted and thinks everything hilarious. All depends on how your body metabolizes the actives, and how they affect you as an individual.

  3. well a group of 6 of us ate them. 3 of us had eaten brownies before and said it got them fucked up. only 1 of the 3 felt anything and he may have been lying.
    i felt hyper on and off throughout the whole night but it wasnt anything close to being high or buzzed
  4. How much bud did you use? And how'd you apply it to the icing?

  5. we didnt make it but the guy said he took it and he was still high in the morning. so im guessing it lasts about 6-8 hours for him.
    i would assume if there was ANY weed we would have felt something

  6. Not necessarily. :)

    If a group of that size was unanimously disappointed, then it sounds like your friend just didn't make his edibles right.. he either didn't process the canna for long enough, and most of your potency just went 'in one end and out the other' after you ate your edibles, or he over-processed, and degraded most of the potency before you could even eat it.

    Edibles don't need to taste very strong, or even much like herb at all, for their effects to be very, very powerful. And you can jam quite a lot of herb into your edibles and make them taste overpowering, but you'll feel little to nothing at all, if they weren't made well... just because there's bud in them, and they taste very weedy, it's no indication of how well they will work. So if you're sure he didn't intentionally rip you guys off, or low-ball you on the dose per brownie (did he say how much was in each?), then it was probably just a processing error.

    Hope this helps to clears things up. :)

  7. ya he prob just messed them up. one of my friends picked em up from this kid. he didnt say how much was in them. i think he paid 10 for 4? so its not like we got ripped off or anything (i didnt even pay anything) i was just disappointed i didnt get to experience it!
  8. Most edibles will run 5 to 10 dollars a piece so I think you just had an expensive cupcake but hey if it tasted like bud it's not all bad:)

  9. he gave us a deal they were usually 1 for 5
  10. Depends on the person.
    Honestly, this chick I know just rejects any edible drugs.

    She ate shrooms, didn't feel a think and she ate a good two grams. Then weed brownies, again no effect.

    Yet, I've done shrooms and its lasted for a good 10 hours, and weed brownies last me almost the same.
  11. Edibles always knock me on my ass (I might add, always at the worst time). They usually take 2 hours to fully kick in. But when they do, damn do they own me. I green every time.

    Also, the guy probably sold you fake edibles. I knew a guy who would use an 'oz of dank per brownie batch!' and later let on he used a half oz of mids per pan..

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