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Why did you start smoking

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Sshack, May 10, 2011.

  1. #1 Sshack, May 10, 2011
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    Simple enough question, why did you start puffin the herb.

    Meant to put Religious reasons as well, but I don't know how to edit the poll...
  2. i was a little bit curious about weed since my friend use to smoke around me. he eventually rolled a joint with computer paper i took a hit of it after he forced me to ( i didnt think smoking computer paper was good for you) i saw black smoke and it tasted liek shit so i was like fuck you dude im not smoking that. he then had me eat 3 grams of weed. i didnt think it would get me high but he insisted. i didnt ge thigh and he was pissed s fuck lol. next week he came over with a little clay bowl and we toked ten bowl packs my first time really smoking and iw as so fing high i didnt know what to do with myself
  3. this was my 7th grade summer
  4. My friend just kinda said "these kids are coming over and if you want we can smoke some weed"
    and I just didn't answer
    then we smoked
  5. Lol you been here since '09 and still don't know how to use the edit function
  6. Because I had to keep up my badman personality ( Yes really, I know ... asshole )
  7. I grew up around it my whole life (parents). Knew I would do it sooner or later. I started later (5 months ago) :D
  8. Had to get out of my house, had to get out of the skin I was in, so to speak. Friend offered, I took him up. Been tokin' occasionally ever since.
  9. i just wanted to smoke so my friend got 1/8th from his sister then we smoked outa of her
    pipe it tasted like shit the 1st time then 2nd i was like fuck yah haha but it was prety nicep
  10. Just started getting curious in 9th grade. My best friend was a stoner. Eventually it just happened lol
  11. What the hell is considered "Work Related"? LOL! :)
  12. I do believe i was in 7th grade.
    I was skating around town at night, around 11, and met up with a buddy who toked.
    we skated together and i bailed really hard and hurt my wrist so he convinced me to get high, pain be gone
  13. Well i was 14 and I did cigarettes and my sister told me to stop and to get me off of cigarettes she introduced me to the good ol' herb
  14. I finally realized the propaganda was bullshit.
    Took a while of changing myself and challenging my own self to grow and think.
  15. I was wondering when someone would pick up on that. :poke:
  16. it was after prom. i was at a party and got my dick sucked in my car lol. i went back to my buddies house and there was like 4 of us. he asked me if i wanted to smoke and i said sure(i had wanted to for a long time). went outside and he rolled a j... didnt feel it and then when i walked inside it hit sooooo hard. best night of my life lol
  17. I was sleeping over at my cousins, and he was smoking it., so I thought "Meh, why the hell not."

    First day of the rest of my life.
  18. was kind of weird fro me as I've been around tokers since I was 15. I'd be the only sober person in the room.One summer dated a guy who'd get high all day starting at 6:30 am. Mostly I just didn't like the thought of smoking and my friends respected my choice and I respected theirs so it always worked out ok - it wan't like I was against it. About 12 years ago I got diagnosed with fibromyalgia and arthritis and pot smoking kept coming up as a help from very different sources and people so 2 years ago I decided to try it. It has been a help and I also do enjoy the recreational, social and spiritual value of it now too.
    I specifically told a friend who smokes I wanted to try it so he invited me over one night and I smoked with him, his gf and his dad who is about 57-didn't get high till the third try.
  19. I just finished my contract in the Navy and I really wanted to try some weed since I couldn't before, so my best friend and I bought some schwag and smoked it out of a bowl the weekend I got back home. It was a great decision hahahaha
  20. Maybe the were interested in medical marijuana from the medical aspect... Worked at a dispensary and pretty much couldn't resist.

    Or they could have had an injury at work and the doc said weed'll cure ya

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