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Why did this happen?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Nathan, Jun 10, 2009.

  1. I have only smoked a few times. My first time I smoked I was able to hold in my hits long, and I only coughed about 10 secs the whole sesh. And I got very stoned. This happens every time. Idk maybe I was born to smoke weed. By mom was a hippie.
  2. lucky you, i cough more than once a day and have been smoking everyday since september, i remember coughing alot when i first started, now i can take huge hits and not cough though, i cough when im alone at night or smoking alot of weed at once or in the morning
  3. I remember when I first start hitting bongs(at the time, was used to a $20 spoon), I would say stupid shit like, "theres a volcano in my chest!" hurt so bad. I made a fool of myself, a lot.

    good times.

  4. Oh. Well even know I didn't cough that much, I could only take 3 big hits without puking. I almost did after my 3rd.

  5. im like that. 5th hit from some hydro. im baked right now :smoking: << like that lmao cuz of my glasses

    its because you inhale kinda long, you open up your lungs fuller. so your lungs inhale more smoke, making it go thru your blood faster, giving you a fast yet slow motion high.
  6. i hate puking after toking, i almost did on resin hits, they taste so disgusting
    i also almost puked when i was high and accidentally drank a bottle of bongwater
    edit: also i just remembered i puked yesterday from drinking warm beer, lesson learned dont drink warm beer
  7. warm beer and u puked? Ha I laugh at you. Try warm orange flavored vodka mixed with warm blue kool aid. I didn't puke but I gagged every sip I had lol. That's nasty shit.
  8. ewww i hate drinking i couldnt imagine a mix like that, but i do drink alot anyway, i burned until 12am one time and then tried to drink a shot of vodka, i spit it out on my friends basement floor and just chilled, a little while later my friend, who was drinking the vodka, puked in a box of chips we all ate before we drank,
    most of our good times have vomit involved at some point of the night like the bottle of rum where we puked up italian and chinese food at our old junior high school baseball field, that was one interesting spinny night
  9. Haha it was terrible. I kept telling myself it will be worth it in 20 mins when I have a nice buzz goin. And it was :).

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