Why did my thread get moved to the Apprentice section?

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by Feelin Irie, Nov 16, 2011.

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  1. Every thread either get's moved or closed apart from the one's already there basically. You didn't break any rules or anything, that's just what usually happens. PM a mod next time you have a question like this, it's not supposed to be discussed on the forums.
  2. You may indeed be a seasoned toker, however most posts about parents being aware that you smoke, end up in Apprentice. :smoke:

  3. Yeh this is also why :D

    very few threads slip through the move or delete hammer :p
  4. bah, you guys and your rules, =D

    hehe, yeah, I agree with the whole parents idea, but meh, I still <3 you guys
  5. The Seasoned Tokers forum needs some changes, and those changes will be coming... eventually. :p

    That's just not really the kind of thread that Seasoned Tokers was made for. It was mainly meant for older tokers to talk about how back in their day they had to walk 5 miles up hill (both ways) in the snow just to get a 20 sack. ;)

    Apprentice Tokers may not seem like the best place either, especially if you've been smoking a while, but it's a better place than Seasoned Tokers until we can get some changes around here and fix up that area of the forums. :smoking:

    Just be patient and go with the flow, it's no biggie. :D
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