Why did he slap my ass..

Discussion in 'General' started by Joe Rogan, May 25, 2010.

  1. I was smoking with a childhood buddy who i havent seen in years and i got up to get the phone and out of nowhere while holding the blunt he just slaps my fucking ass pretty hard, and i just stopped for a second like, "WTF":eek::confused:\

    and it was extreemly fucking awkward he didnt even say anything and then a little while later he just got up nd left.

  2. I think its obvious. ;)
  3. Haha! I'm a senior in HS and we do that shit all of the time (no homosexuality involved)! IDK why to be honest...but it's a way of saying, "Hey/Goodbye". Well...atleast where I live :confused_2:
  4. In prison, maybe.
  5. boy...tell your friends...to get with my friends...and we could BE friends...orite boy? shit we could do this every weekend.

  6. This. Best hope you don't get a nice little ass tap from the big dude named "molly".
  7. [​IMG]

    "Hey Big Boy"
  8. he obviously likes you more than a friend. he wants you bad.
  9. If he gave the squeeze, he wants it. Bad.
  10. yeah he was obviously testing the waters so to speak. to see if you were down to fuck.

    when he realizes your not DTF, he will get aggressive and force himself upon you.
  11. well my first guess wud be that he wanted to sample your firm byttocks so he could write about later in his term paper on the difference of dudes and chicks asses...........
    my second guess was that he is totally gay
  12. Couldn't say it any better than this.
  13. People do that shit at my school like its funny. I let ppl kno i aint down for the gay shit. You gotta set your boundaries, unless u want another man callin you "sweet cakes" your whole life
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    Is that really the face you made?

    Everyone knows that having another man slap your ass makes you gay.

  15. id imagine if this :eek: was the face he made, a nice big object in the shape of this :eek: would be thrusted right in there.
  16. This story is getting hot, keep going...
  17. If you played sports/weren't a homophobe this thread wouldn't exist.
  18. [​IMG]

    He wants your buns, mate.

  19. hehe , i love it when yanks say mate.

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