Why cant weed cure

Discussion in 'General' started by Mendi769, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. Allergies, I have sneezed so much this summer and it's such a good feeling but it sucks bc it happens all the time driving and I have almost driven off te road and wreck into cars/medians/trees/etc. Shits
    Fucking scary
  2. Claritin helps wonders for my allergies and I get them fuckin horrible over the summer and spring as well, try it out.
  3. Where weed fails, other medicines thrive!
  4. I keep runnin out of claritin...its never ending i also have asthma, this shit together frigin blows when trying to work out
  5. A Jeep is amazing at off road driving, but when it comes to ripping it down a flat and long road, a Ferrari does the job.

    not one thing on this earth can do EVERYTHING amazing, if that was true, Megan Fox's thumb would be normal.
  6. Well I assume you smoke. Smoke irritates your sinuses. My allergies get worse then they already are when I smoke.

    This. But get the generic store brand. It's still more pricey than regular allergy meds but it actually works. I think when I got it a few times it was like ten bucks. But I think a weeks worth of Claritin was 30 at the time.

  7. Same here :( its a bummer dude especially out here my allergies get pretty bad and the combo sucks.

  8. well fuck that weed should do something about that

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