Why can't people stand me being on unemployment?

Discussion in 'General' started by Volcano South, May 12, 2010.

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    I worked for a family company that was open for about 2 decades and it shut down earlier this year.

    So... I'm on unemployment sitting on my ass getting high all the time enjoying life. I'm getting about 75% of my usual paycheck a week from unemployment. The other 25% I'm allowed to earn at another job.

    That means I have a job, I just don't make enough money at this job for it to cut into my unemployment benefits. I answer phones and come in high and surf facebook all day. Great job!

    Whenever I get around my friends who work 40+ hours a week or have shit asshole toilet jobs they just hate on me. No one will directly talk shit like: "you lazy motherfucker" but you can just see it in their eyes and facial expression when I brag about sitting on my ass and the free money I get. It's not like disability -- it's going to run out eventually and I know that. As part of U/E I have to apply for 4 jobs a week and I apply for things I'm QUALIFIED FOR, I just never get any interviews or calls back. Job market is really rough. (BTW: I've got a B.A. from a state University, no prior arrests so I'm the most employable employee type)

    One guy remarked "Well, at least I know someone that my tax dollars are supporting." I told him "I'm paying taxes on your taxes so I'll get a tax refund on your taxes." It was LOLrific.

    [/B]I feel like sitting on my ass for most of the week and pinching Uncle Sam until he won't give me anymore. Is this so wrong??

  2. You already know the answer, unless you're retarded. You don't seem retarded. That means you're just bragging, which is fair enough.

    Milk the system or get milked by it under the guise of morality.

    *Haters gonna hate gif here*
  3. because were tired of paying taxes for your entitlement programs. GET A REAL JOB!
  4. No, it really isn't. I don't mind people using Unemployment as their direct source of income, as long as they don't milk the situation. Being out of work is one thing, but being too lazy to find a job is another.
  5. shiiiiiiiiitttttttttttttttt, sounds good to me lol:smoking:
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    The thing is, U/E will be there for them when they need it. Most of my friends are professional-level, college educated workers and I busted ass for 36 quarters only to have my whole company collapse. It wasn't our fault, the economy literally killed my company.

    I'll be honest, after 9 years of straight work, 5 years in college (I worked 30-40 hour weeks in college) I just feel like man the government can support me for a while


    I apply for my required 4 jobs a week so I can't just sit on my ass. I have a piddly ass job because I have 25% hole missing each week.

    I can't turn down jobs I don't get interviews for, you know? Like I said, I worked for 9 straight years for my family's company while going to school. I'm educated, I just can't find anything that'll pay $35K+
  7. Dammit, this is what I do but I didn't come up with the idea...
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    You bragging about it makes you come off as a dick....they're working and you sit there and brag on how you're a lazy ass? Come on rubbing it in their faces is unnecessary I'd be pissed at you too. I think they're more angry about how you treating your unemployment like a badge of honor when really you should feel like crap, and be trying to find a job asap. Or at least be growing some dope...you know doing something productive with your life.
  9. You really don't know why? One word: Jealousy.
  10. You are leaching off of a flawed system where those who bust their ass barley make it and those who sit on theirs get rewarded. That's why to simply answer your question. Some people have a bit more integrity which leads them to feel like you are a cheating lazy fuck. (I'm not saying this is how I feel, I'm answering your question)
    Thats the feeling towards unemployment, as far as the job you have, thats just hatin.
  11. could be cus ur not REALLY un-employed and just stealing from tax payers.....but meh, i dont pay taxes...still seems fucked up tho

  12. One mans integrity is another mans intellectual sloppiness.

    These workers aren't busting their humps in mass out of some do-gooder, tax-paying moral guide. They are doing it because they are pussies, beaten into submission by the trials of life, scared to take a risk. 99% percent of people have no moral issues with doing the same shit that folks did who fill up the prisons. They simply made a calculated risk assessment and decided to settle for mediocrity in life, void of risk.

    Many working stiffs probably disagree reading this, but they don't have time to properly respond. They've gotta get up for work in a few hours, after all. Take that melatonin, gentlemen, it's gonna be a long, shitty-ass day, I'm sure.
  13. I don't particularly like welfare, but it's retarded to whine about it without taking into consideration how many more resources are wasted by the military and law enforcement. If those two were taken to task, not only would welfare be much less of a problem, but the economy would actually start to function again. -_-

    And besides, the government is entirely responsible for the unemployment rates. If you're on unemployment, you're just getting back a fraction of what was stolen from you in the first place.
  14. Fuck it man

  15. Who gives a shit why? That doesn't matter, the fact is working people are supporting non working people. Their paycheck is reduced for people with no jobs. This is fine but when the non working people have no desire to be a productive member of society and decide they are going to live off others labor, that becomes a problem to working people. If you are trying to get off your feet thats one thing, but if your leeching for life..
  16. ^

    that was a good one but I believe this picture is more relevant

    Anywho milk the government until she runs dry my friend :devious:

    Btw if anybody knows how to add a photo to posts without adding an attachment could you please PM me? much thanks

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  17. Brother, entitlements make up a microcosm of our debt to the point of irrelevance, basically. As stated earlier, military waste, a billion dollar drug war, etc. Unemployment, welfare, food stamps and everything else means fuck all. This country is a joke; it's thoroughly ruined. Done. Completely sunk, and broken.

    Play the game while you can or get played.
  18. what are you going to do once they stop sending you checks? you going to magically find a good paying job?
  19. Can anyone explain how being a soldier is different from sitting on welfare?
  20. I see the difference as night and day. One required complete moral bankruptcy, the other required admirable cognitive dissonance and apathy.

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