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Discussion in 'General' started by uhmmyea, May 27, 2010.

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    sorry for the stupid ass title. i thought you could edit that.
    i tryed posting this topic like 4 times, i think this site is just overloaded this morn.

    i need some suggestions on some botanicals.

    hows that blue lotus?
    or the dream herb.

    i want something kinda psychedelic but not as intense as a shroom or dmt or lsd trip

    ive tryed kratom, salvia, shrooms and ofc ganja.

    can you guys and gals suggest me something that i can have a nice time on but not get tooo fucked up.

  2. You cant post this because we dont talk about other drugs here anymore

  3. quite the contrary, they sell these 'drugs' in the grasscity shop.

    i got approval of posting this.
  4. You're right. Legal drugs are still permitted. I apologize.
  5. Well, actually we aren't to the point of discussing what's sold in the Shop yet. There's a possibility of a sub forum for discussion of legal highs sold in the Shop but that isn't in effect yet. Sorry for any misunderstandings.
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