Why can't I get a fast food job?

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  1. Everyone in my snooty ass town thinks there too good to work fast food when it looks like it would be engaging (not fun, time would pass) and I want to get a job any fast food place. I keep getting blown off. I have tons of employment in the past (4 jobs with good reference). At McDonald's it wasn't even lowkey that I was reverse-discriminated.

    What do I need to do? I typically wear nice jeans, sporty polo, and maybe a metal watch. This is bogus. I have a 3.66 and a 32 on my ACT yet nobody (even with help wanted), feels that I am capable to put the fries in the oil.

    (Also im not a dweeb, I look my age (18))

    For Burger King, I was thinking of going there and harassing them every day, 2 of my friends did that and got jobs a while back.
  2. man jobs are tough to come by. i resorted to doing bullshit work for minimal pay. just keep tryin
  3. This is going to be full of generalizations, but I don't have much else to work with.

    When places like this are looking to hire, they're looking to hire people who they can exploit and maximize profits with. They look for people who are down on their luck, fairly desperate and won't cause much of a fuss when they ARE exploited.

    They look for people who won't argue when they fail to pay them time and a half, or overtime. They look for people who will work their asses off because they really fuckin need the job, cause if they don't, they go hungry.

    When they see you come in, they see a kid who has had other success in his life, enough to dress himself in trendy clothes. They see somebody who is reasonably intelligent and self-determined. They see somebody who is looking to move up in the world. This is the kind of person who will likely not respond well to exploitation and poor working conditions.

    In short; you're over qualified.
  4. yeah dude i feel you. I consider myself charismatic, so this shouldn't be that hard. I mean hell I picked fast food because I figure its the least desired job.

    I guess ill have to sell myself.
  5. try a pair of dress pants, (golf pants) everything else sounds good....when I had a hard time getting fast food job I went to fine dining establishments, (had to write that cause i cant spell restraunt) and put in for server busser prep and lo an behold wallah a job....go to fine dining u get tips as a busser and can look down moms blouse
  6. I don't know why you aren't getting the job even though you are extremly over qualified.

    You said reverse discrimination? So I guess you are black? That really shouldn't have anything to do with it.

    Maybe they do think you're just the nerdy type who won't work hard since you are over qualified.

    Other then that, are you fat? At most of the restaurants I have worked at, we don't hire fat people. They take up too much space and we've never had one that did even close to his job descriptin to make it worth the wasted space.

    Seriously I got the pleasure of helping to hire a new assistant manager at the last place I worked at. We turned down six people because they were either over weight, or had never worked a resaurant in their life. I hate working with fat people, enough said. Oh and they all smell the same like old people all smell the same, like taco bell.
  7. Walk in exactly as you are to an Einstein Bagel or similar "fast food" place. Starbucks, Subway, Quiznos -- all a bit above the mcdonalds/bk world, they tend to take in smart/motivated teenagers. Just make a good impression, they'll often hire ya. Good luck.
  8. Why would you even WANT a fast food job? set your standards higher.

    Make sure you have a good cover letter and resume as well.

  9. I am not muscular, but fairly cut, 6 foot 155 ponds. I specifically state on my applications I have picked up candy wrappers and dog shit as a job before.

    And yes the McDonald's manager indirectly told me I need to be black to work there.
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    Yeah like the guiy above is saying. Aim higher if they aren't giving it to you.

    Go for actual restaurants. Since you have no prior experience just tell them you consider you'reself a hard worker, you need the money, and you will make it worth their while by busting you're ass every day.

    Apply for bus-boy, dishwasher. I can guarentee you won't get hired if you apply for server, bartender, line cook, ect... because nobody is going to waste their time training someone in a bad economy, who might quit the next week.(Servers sometimes take a month to train, bartenders are... I think bartenders are just born bartenders, I've never seen one get trained.)

    Yeah just stop going there then. There are places like that. I tried getting a job at a Wendy's near my college once. I basicly got the same impression. Regardless of race they all seemed incompitant, so I guess it would have been to intolerable for a white kid to come in and out work some black kids. Regardless of race, waterheads are always going to be waterheads.

    Yeah just go for restaurants. Apply for these three posistions to everywhere... Dishwasher, Bus-Boy, Host(If you look good, nobody will hire an ugly host or server. Nothing ruins someones meal more then seeing pizza-face before eating pizza.)
  11. Indirectly?
  12. Actually, bartenders start as barbacks. I was one, I know :p.

  13. Yeah, I will go to quiznos today and see what else is good. I do have 4 experiences, all but one with positive reference. I did pool mantainance, lifegaurding, fixing and selling bikes (at a specialty store), and worked at a pet store.

    It seems like starbucks only hires currently enrolled in college, but thanks a TON for all the info, I figured I was over qualified, but I never thought it would be a barrier to employment.

  14. Well not really indirectly.

    (Me, Employee, and Manager)
    Manager: Yeah, it says were hiring.
    Employee: Yeah, we hire minorities.
    Me: What?
    Them: What?

    And they hire my dumbass friend who has a gun charge.
  15. Yeah I forgot to mention that part as pertaining to restaurants. Tone-down the resume a little bit. The restaurant I worked at for about three years was weary of kids unless they had something like landscaping, painting, construction, prior restaurant experience, ect... They basicly want someone who can bust ass over a dishwashing station. :D

    As far as interview clothes. Nice black jeans/polo at bars and grills, and khakies with a button up at anything fancier then an OLive Garden. If you go into a bar and grill with kahakies on you will give the same impression as putting a MIT masters degree or something, down on you're resume.

    Hope you land the job.

    Oh and one more tip, if you have a choice, always interview with the head chef. Managers are mindless idiots who can do payroll most of the time, wheras the head chef runs the back of the house, and has been doing it for years.
  16. ^ that's why i'd never work in fast food or a restraunt. I worked in a bar and that was bullshit enough for me.

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