Why can't everyone just shut up?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by khweedman24, Nov 8, 2022.

  1. Why does everything people do differently from one another have to be made into a spectacle? You're Gay, fine, nobody fuckin' cares. You're a feminist, OK, nobody fuckin' cares. You want a penis instead of a vagina, that's fucked up but fine nobody fuckin' cares, you wanna walk your dog backwards wearing a thong, fine, nobody gives a fuck. Why do we always need a movement, fuckin' activists, turn every little lifestyle choice into the grand ole opera for everybody to see and hear? Did anyone ever think of just shuttin' the fuck up and livin' their life they way they want to without broadcasting their shit to the world? Nobody gives a fuck and nobody wants to hear it, the world has bigger problems right now, for example does everyone like to eat food? Maybe start screaming about that instead. Fuck!
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  2. Yeah I commented at a party once that I didn't care what people did, especially behind closed doors if it didn't involve me. I said that I don't care if people want to marry their golden retriever and a guy just WENT OFF on me saying I accused gays of being into beastiality. I just laughed and walked away, that was a perfect example. I really don't care if someone's gay, straight, asexual, polysexual, whatever... do what you like, don't hurt kids, and just mind your own business.
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  3. I kinda like it,,, I don’t watch any sort of parades, or participate in them, but I’m pleased others can parade if they want… If someone wants to make a big deal out of something they do, and/or maybe get together with like minded folk and make a communal big deal good for them,,, don’t invite me, but hope they enjoy it…
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  4. Can't agree more, many people are so judgmental.
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  5. Most people care more about looking like they are doing the right thing, rather than actually doing the right thing.
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  6. That's judgemental...
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  7. Let’s start a country and make the OP our anthem.
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  8. People do care.. you're met with backlash from being gay, you're met with backlash from being transgender (you literally just said "that's fucked up")...
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  9. What backlash do people get for being gay?
    My brother and I used to get mistaken as a gay couple. We were always treated extra nice when that happened.
    You also really shouldn't have any idea what someone's sexuality is unless you know them.

    I don't think people get backlash for being gay in today's western world, but people who make their entire identity who they are fucking do. When I know you like to take it up the ass before I even know your name, that's a problem and I'm very unlikely to like you if that's the case.

    I personally don't care what you do, but if you force it upon me. If you put your personal business out into the world be prepared to be judged and disliked.
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  10. OP nailed it. Some folks just have to make a spectacle of themselves and then get offended when they draw attention to themselves. When that's what they are after in the first place. Some folks have to be "Defined" by their sexuality. Every single aspect of their lives has to revolve around, reflect, and be centered on their sexuality. In effect they have no life other than their sexual life. Again, not all, some.
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  11. It's one of those things that people don't understand unless they're in the situation.
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  12. When I went out with my exGF, people assumed I was her gay friend...
    Dorky Asian with a hot Italian girl.
  13. Well said
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