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Why can you see vapor on exhale, shouldn't it all be absorbed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by steampunktripod, Jun 29, 2010.

  1. When you exhale smoke from normal toking, its just non cannabinoid plant matter mainly, but what is it from vapor? isn't vapor just cannabinioids that should be entirely taken in by the lungs? what is it that you exhale?
  2. Its the gas form of the alkaloids i suppose? Plus anything else vaporizing in the weed thats not a chemical.

  3. Exhaling smoke or vapor still has THC in it, lol.

    If you're smoking a joint carelessly, most of the THC will be exhaled. To take in 99.99% of the THC in the smoke, I'd assume you'd have to hold it in for 30-40 seconds. If you pull, then breathe out just then, you're seriously wasting herb.

    When exhaling vapor, if you hold it in for 5-10 seconds, it should be very hard to see anything come out. People that use lighter based vaporizers like the Genie, or Star correctly generally dont end up with easily visible exhaled air.

    Most of the time, you're seeing smoke come out, because they did it wrong, or theyre not holding it in for long enough.

    Your alveoli cant reach out and grab every single cannabinoid. you need to hold it in for long so that the vapor/smoke goes to them. If you pull then exhale, you're only getting the outer portion of the smoke's goods.
  4. I heard within the first 6 seconds or so most of the THC is absorbed, you can ghost the hit, but it won't do much

  5. Nice information, I'm prob gonna hold my hits for that long. I usually hold em for 3 or 4.

  6. mhm, I also heard that ghosting it, doesn't get you more high, it feels like it somewhat just because of the lightheadedness from not breathing.
  7. It's not that all the THC is gone in 5 seconds, it's that your lungs stop absorbing it after about 5 seconds. So maybe smaller hits would help?
  8. You're assuming that only cannabinoids are vaporized, which is not the case, and that your lungs can absorb 100% of what you inhale, which is also not the case.

  9. Not with vaping, you can hold it in as long as you want and its only getting you higher not damaging your lungs
  10. Your lungs still have a limit as to what they can absorb in a given lungfull. Much of the 'getting higher' part of ghosting is oxygen deprivation from holding one's breath.

  11. Thats true, but I think that would only happen if you held it for 30+ seconds, I could be wrong..
  12. What you see exhaled while vaping is the THC vapors.

    Meaning there is still THC in the hit, and its only an excess amount that you are exhaling.

    So what a lot of vapers do is exhale into a plastic bag or balloon, then recycle the hit because its still good.

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