Why can`t America go metric

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  1. When I told you guys and dolls that we only pay $100 per kg for good weed(Durban Poison) in South Africa, you must pull out the calculator,how much in pounds, now I see you are talking once etc, inches, etc, learnt all that shit at school, but what a mess. Met a Guy from America one day asked him the same question, this elderly gentleman said to me:
    "Son we put a man on the moon in inches"
    What can you say to that...........................nothing.
  2. Cuz like uuh...

    We Rule? :confused:
  3. I am pissed off that we don't use the metric system too. The metric system makes infinitely more sense. But now I am used to feet and inches, and to go metric would be very hard.
  4. Hi Little Wing,
    The metric system is so easy just devide by ten, or move the decimal point left or right, can`t belieie that Great Nation like America never change over to it, now we in the engineering field end up with taps and dyes, bsw,nf,bsp,amf, What a mess.
  5. It's not the converting from different units that would be difficult. it's just that I am used to seeing things in inches and feet. I don't have a good sence of centimeters and meters.
  6. Isnt the metric temperature in celsious? man that would take a long time to get used to the new weather system.
  7. yeah ... but the metric system is way better ... it may take a little gettin used to ... but its for the best ... everything just relates ...

    celcius is also better than ferenheight(spelling?) ... 0 would be the freezing point of water ... and in ferenheight is something like 27 .... just dont make sense ...
  8. uhh i think it was 32 the last time i checked
  9. Allemal dink Amerika is die beste, hulle weet ook nie veel van die wereld daar buite nie. "the Blind, leads the blind"
  10. keep in mind that America switched from the metric system when it was just gaining its freedom from great brittain. America didn't want anything to do with its old past, and so it began to use this new empirical system of measuring mainly as a statement to their european rulers. To change an entire country, especially one the size of America and as vital to the world as America would be quite a feat wouldn't you say?...definately not something to be taken lightly...but that's just a "blind american's" point of view...
  11. You always come in handy, NuBB's, with the history lessons and I love ya for it man!

    I don't want to go metric. Not now, not ever. I don't need glasses either, for the record.
  12. I KNOW I KNOW!..lets make it even easier! not only will we go to the metreic system!..we'll trad ein our dollars for the euro!..that way nothing can confuse you poor souls!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Yep sounds just like us stubborn fucking Americans, to proud to use the metric system even know it's superior in every way.. Hmm let's convert 410893 grams to kilograms.. 410.893.. phew that was tough I moved the decimal 3 places.. Ok now let's convert 384821 ounces to pounds, oh shit I forgot my calculator, guess I cant....
  14. The metric system is far too simple for America to handle :p
  15. the current american system has history. a foot is exactly half the length of a quazark's eye... they're the funny elves that built the pyramids. and of course two yards is exactly the length of a quazark's head, because a quazark has 3 eyes. don't you guys know this shishnit?
  16. Thats kind of a mindfuck...lol.
  17. I saw an excellent comedian while watching comedy central's premium blend last friday or so, and he was saying how he was thinking about penis enlargement surgery. He then said he was just going to switch the the metric system. Then he said he was 20 cm. For those of you who don't know, 20 cm is 2''. While I didn't recite the whole sketch verbadim, you all get the idea. It was much funnier watching it.

  18. actually, having grown up on the Imperial system its really not that hard at all. People don't seem to understand that the US does use the international metric system as much as possible, especially when dealing with other countries, but here in the US, the customary units we use have a deep rooted history...I'll admit, its about as useful as the british royal family is to the UK, but the fact that it's a part of the American history, don't expect it to simply be wiped out like that just because people halfway across the world are too bitchy to convert the units.

    BTW there are 16 ounces in a pound, so just divide 384821 ounces by 16....not hard at all..especially since they have this new gizmo these days called a calculator...(and if you don't have a calculator, they have this old method that we used to have to use called long division...although, i'd suspect many of you were never tought that either..)

    and since we're on the subject of historical units..the British as well have a historical imperial system of measuring units....so don't even start with me because Ive got plenty of time to gripe about what a peck is, or a grain, or a dram, or a bushel, a drop, not to mention a british pound, a british ounce, a british quart, pint and gallon.....etc.

  19. 1cm = .3937 inch

    therefor 20 cm = about 7 "
  20. Metric? It's more likely that George W. Bush (AKA King George XLIII) will make the rest of the world start using the "Imperial" (i.e. new American) system of weights and measures.

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