why buds truly illegal

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by SuperFunk#2, Apr 3, 2006.

  1. well i did some thinking and i thought if it was legal the gov. would supply really good weed and tax the hell out of it. But if we got there seeds and grew there shyt they would get skiped on the pay sorry im really high and i thought i would post this
  2. :D yup....
  3. yeah, I guess youre right. They could make growing illegal, but that doesn't make sense :p
  4. that, or they could take out the seeds before they give you your package

  5. well that could possibly be impossible depending on how much they sell. plus you could just import from other people
  6. a risk you gotta take. every business has to go thru it once in a while.
  7. i think if weed were legal in the US it would put alot of people out of their jobs. im not talkin about jobs like restaurants and shit, but like the dealers and growers and stuff. since weed would be legal and you could buy it from anybody then there would be no reason for people to go to a special person to get it. it might even be bad for the economy. i think the best solution would be for the gov to be more lax on the laws about it
  8. ^^^Decriminalization would be a good step in the right direction.
  9. its because the government cant make a profit off of it
  10. they could if they taxed the shit outa it. and thats what they probably would do if they ever legalized it

  11. ^Yea but they could tax it like cigs. So on top of them saving money from anti-weed campaigns they would make money from people buyin it.

    To the Poster: Id rather buy 20 joints for 5 bucks legally, then grow illegaly
  12. my belief on why marijuana isnt legal is because it keeps the poor, poor. and the rich, rich. everyone here on this board though, seems to fall in the middle. And our middle is, we just like the bud. and most of us have decided that buying it all the time sucks, so we'll just produce our own. and say fuck the government..i didnt ask for your fucking constitution.

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